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Trail of Hate — episode 77

1.  At the ranch what was Mark correcting Lucas about?

2.  Who rode up as they were working?

3.  What was the stranger’s name?

4.  Who came up behind Mark?

5.  What did this group of men want Lucas to do for them?

6.  After they left what was Mark doing to calm his nerves?

7.  Noley stayed behind with Mark. What did Noley offer to help Mark do?

8.  When Mark was on the hay wagon, what did he do to try to get away?

9.  As Mark was running, what happened?

10. What did Lucas say to John Hamilton after the guys left the bank?

11. Lucas returned to the ranch. What did he find?

12. As Lucas was trailing the men, what was the first thing he shot at?

13. How many miles did they fear they would have to walk back to town?

14. Cougar came up with a deal for Lucas, what was it?

15. When they reached a water hole, what did Noley say about his injuries?

16. As Lucas approached them at the water hole they feared he would kill them. What did Lucas say?

17. Several days later Lucas was helping Mark with his school work. What piece of advise did Mark give Lucas?

18. Harold Stone played Ben Stark. What other episodes was he in?

19. Who played the part of Cougar?

20. What other episodes was Harlan Warde in?

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