The  Rifleman
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Woman from Hog Ridge — episode 78

1.  Two of the Boyle boys were in town. What were they after?
Stealing some horses

2.  Where were they from?
The High Country

3.  Why did they want to steal some horses?
They wanted to go out on their own

4.  Who horse was one of the horses?
Mr. Harris’s buckskin stallion

5.  As they were leaving who shot first?
Hoyt fired at Lucas

6.  Who came to town the next day”
Ma Boyle and her clan

7.  What did Sylvester have in his hand?
A rope for a hanging

8.  What did Micah tell Ma Boyle?
“There will be no hanging”

9.  Who approached Mark on the street?
Johnny Boyle

10. Why did the Boyle clan not like Johnny Boyle?
He was always doing things and studying

11. Some of the clan went into the hardware store. What did they do?
Started breaking rakes and harassing the owner

12. What did the clan do in the saloon?
Slipping bottles, breaking bottles

13. When did Johnny Boyle get his first gun?
Age 10

14. What did Mark say to Ma Boyle when he stood up to her about her boys lying?
“You would know. You’re his Mother. My Mothers dead but if she were alive she’d know, Mothers always know”

15. What was Ma Boyles reply to Mark?
“It weren’t hate Boy

16. As they were leaving what did Ma Boyle tell Johnny?
That he could not come with them. He needed to be on his own now.

17. What did Lucas call Mark as they were getting ready to leave town?
That Mark was a born psychologist

18. What was Marks response to this?
“I may be one but I’ll never be able to pronounce it”

19. Who played Ma Boyle?
Dee J. Thompson played the mountain woman, Ma Boyle.

20. Who played Johnny Boyle?
Jan Stine appeared in two episodesWoman from Hog Ridge as Johnny, he was the son Ma Boyle turned away ― The High Country as Gorwin, he was the mountain boy who was shot by accident.

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