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Woman from Hog Ridge — episode 78

1.  Two of the Boyle boys were in town. What were they after?

2.  Where were they from?

3.  Why did they want to steal some horses?

4.  Who horse was one of the horses?

5.  As they were leaving who shot first?

6.  Who came to town the next day”

7.  What did Sylvester have in his hand?

8.  What did Micah tell Ma Boyle?

9.  Who approached Mark on the street?

10. Why did the Boyle clan not like Johnny Boyle?

11. Some of the clan went into the hardware store. What did they do?

12. What did the clan do in the saloon?

13. When did Johnny Boyle get his first gun?

14. What did Mark say to Ma Boyle when he stood up to her about her boys lying?

15. What was Ma Boyles reply to Mark?

16. As they were leaving what did Ma Boyle tell Johnny?

17. What did Lucas call Mark as they were getting ready to leave town?

18. What was Marks response to this?

19. Who played Ma Boyle?

20. Who played Johnny Boyle?

Woman from Hog Ridge — answers

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