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Seven — episode 79

1.  Who was in the prison wagon that came to North Fork?

2.  Where were they headed?

3.  At the ranch, Lucas and Mark were heading for town. How did Mark know they were going to eat at the hotel?

4.  What did Lucas ask Mark before they left?

5.  Who was Hattie going to eat supper with?

6.  What was Mrs. Sweeney's name?

7.  In town who grabbed Mark?

8.  Who was the leader of the prisoners?

9.  What did Micah tell the prison guards?

10. What did Lucas order in the hotel?

11. How did the prisoners get loose?

12. Why did Dorf want to settle a score with Lucas?

13. What did Dorf call Lucas?

14. Lucas had to meet Dorf in the street. What did they do?

15. What did Micah do then?

16. What did Micah do next?

17. What did Mark ask Lucas after this incident was over?

18. What was Lucas response to Marls question?

19. Who played the part of Sanchez?

20. Who played the part of Dorf?

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