The  Rifleman
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Seven — episode 79

1.  Who was in the prison wagon that came to North Fork?
Prisoners sentenced to die

2.  Where were they headed?

3.  At the ranch, Lucas and Mark were heading for town. How did Mark know they were going to eat at the hotel?
It was 5 o’clock and Lucas had not taken any meat from the smokehouse and had not asked Mark to peel potatoes

4.  What did Lucas ask Mark before they left?
When was he going to do his homework

5.  Who was Hattie going to eat supper with?
Mrs. Sweeney

6.  What was Mrs. Sweeney's name?

7.  In town who grabbed Mark?
One of the prisoners as Mark got too close to the prison wagon

8.  Who was the leader of the prisoners?

9.  What did Micah tell the prison guards?
To take the wagon out on the trail where it belonged

10. What did Lucas order in the hotel?
A cup of coffee and 2 glasses of milk

11. How did the prisoners get loose?
A guard got too close to the wagon and they hit him on the head

12. Why did Dorf want to settle a score with Lucas?
Lucas hit his hand as he was holding Mark at the wagon

13. What did Dorf call Lucas?

14. Lucas had to meet Dorf in the street. What did they do?
They were fist fighting in the street

15. What did Micah do then?
Slipped around the back of the building and hit one of the prisoners on the head

16. What did Micah do next?
Shot his gun over the horses heads to stampede them

17. What did Mark ask Lucas after this incident was over?
If it was possible to lose a town?

18. What was Lucas response to Marls question?
“They could’ve taken it physically, Mark, but they couldn’t have kept it. Takes more then just guns to hold a town. No son, the time a town or even a country is really lost is when the people who live in it get careless and stop paying attention to how it’s being run”.

19. Who played the part of Sanchez?
Bing Russell appeared in two episodesA Matter of Faith as Hode Evans, he's the cowboy who beat on Mr. Jonas and threw the dirt at Lucas ― Seven as Sanchez, he was one of the condemned murderers who escaped and took over the town of North Fork

20. Who played the part of Dorf?
Don Megowan as Dorf, he was the prisoner who grabbed a hold of Mark outside of the prison wagon

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