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The Safe Guard — episode 8

1.  North Fork was getting a bank & also a new safe, what was the name of the company who made the safe and where was the company located?

2.  Who opened and managed the first North Fork Bank and what was his middle name?

3.  What was the name of Mark's pig?

4.  In how many episodes did pigs have names? What were they?

5.  How much money did Floyd want to give Lucas for his breakfast?

6.  Who did Lucas tell Mark he just had breakfast with?

7.  What was the reason for the McCain's to go into town?

8. What was the safe made of and how thick were the walls of the safe?

9.  Hattie's said that Mark's pig, Harriet's weight is at 5 stones, how much did the pig weigh?

10. How much money did Mark get for Harriet?

11. How much interest was the bank paying?

12. Why did Judge Hanavan ride out to the to see Lucas?

13. Who was waiting in Floyd's room when he walked in and what did they want?

14. Why did Mark want to go into the bank by himself?

15. When Lucas stopped Mark he asked him what all the shooting was about, what did Mark tell him?

16. When Lucas went to face Floyd, what did Mark tell Lucas?

17. When John Hamilton apologized to the crowd and ask them to give him a few minutes to count the money & get the bank in order, he would be glad to give back the money that was entrusted to him, what was Lucas's reply?

18. Claude Akins and Chuck Connors appear in a movie together that was known for on of the greatest fight bar room brawl/scenes on the screen, can you name the movie?
scenes he ever saw on the screen. This bar room brawl had so many great reviews!

19. What other TV Series did Dennis Cross appear in with Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford?

20. What three episodes was Judge Hanavan mentioned but did not appear in?

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