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Baranca — episode 82

1.  What did Hadley tell Pedro Sanchez at his home?
“We don’t like squatters”

2.  What crime did Hadley and his men do?
They killed Sanchez and burned this house down

3.  Who witnessed the crime?
Sanchez's wife

4.  Who rode into town the next day seeking revenge for the Sanchz's?
A man dressed in black on a white horse by the name of Baranca

5.  What was Lucas and Mark doing in town?
Mark had a toothache and was going to the Dr. to have it pulled

6.  What comment did the doctor make about Mark after his tooth was pulled?
“Here’s a young man Lucas”

7.  What did Mark not want to do next?
Go to school

8.  Who told Lucas Peter Sanchez had been shot?

9.  Why was Lucas talking to Sanchez wife?
She did not want to give information, she did not trust anyone

10. When Baranca rode into town he went to the saloon. What was he doing?
He had seen the remains of the house and was trying to find out who did it

11. What did Baranca order in the saloon?

12. What did Baranca ask Hadley about?
The fire

13. Who identified Hadley as the man who killed Pedro and burned the house?
Mrs. Sanchez

14. Baranca was going to take Hadley away for his own justice. What did Lucas say?
“He’ll get a fair trial here”

15. What did Baranca and Lucas do then?
A fistfight, taking turn hitting each other on the chin

16. Who won the fight by knocking the other person down?

17. How did Lucas win the fight?
He hit Baranca in the stomach

18. Where was Handley when Lucas went to get him?
In the barn

19. Who played the part of Baranca? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?
Cesare Danova (pronounced Chez-a-ray Da-NO-va) played Count Alfredo Di Marcosini Montova in Duel of Honor, he was the foreigner who is singled out by Groder for his different dress and ways ― Baranca as Baranca, he is the one who came to North Fork to administer his own law, Baranca's law ― The Guest as Mario Rosati, the man who was hired to kill Lucas.

20. Who played the part of Hadley? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?
John Milford appeared in eleven episodes ― (Hmmmmm.....does this set any record or maybe there's a tie or maybe someone did more then John? Who could the other Cowboy be?) ― The Blowout as Ross Porter, one of the Porter brothers who was after Al Walker ― The Coward as Dub, he was the one who was reading from George's Journal and making fun ― The Horse Traders as Jonah Winters, he was the dude with the knife ― A Time for Singing as Bro Hadley, he dude who was a bit slow ― Meeting at Midnight as Morgan ― The Pitchman as Marsh Watson, he was the one who tied Mark up ― Baranca as Hadley, he was the one who killed Sanchez ― Dark Day at North Fork as Jack Solby, he tried to kill Lucas when he was blind ― The Clarence Bibs Story as Reade, he was one of the cowboys edging Clarence on to kill Tanner ― The Journey Back as Jess Grady, as one of the squatters, he was the one who held the rifle on Will Temple ― The Assailants as Lt. Price, the soldier in charge.

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