The  Rifleman
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The Martinet — episode 83

1.  What city does the story start in?
St. Louis

2.  What visitor does Ben Perry get?
His Father, Captain Perry

3.  What was the nature of the visit?
To tell Ben his brother Lon has been killed and they need to go to North Fork

4.  Why couldn’t Ben leave with his Father?
He could not tell his Father but he was being ordained the next day

5.  Mark was late getting home. What was he doing?

6.  What did Mark also forget in town to take to the ranch?
Lucas ax blade

7.  Capt Perry asked Micah who killed Lon. Why wouldn’t Micah say who?
Because it was Lucas

8.  How did Capt Perry find out who killed Lon?
He tricked Mark into the information

9.  What did Capt Perry want to do?
Kill the man who killed Lon

10. How did Lucas come about killing Lon?
Lon Perry was involved in a scheme with another detective to kill Lucas so a desperate father could claim Mark as his own son. (A Case of Identity) Lucas: “He forced it. There was nothing else I could do”.

11. Why did Micah lock Capt Perry up?
Till he cooled off

12. How did Capt Perry get out of jail?
He told Micah he would leave town

13. Where was Capt Perry heading now?
To the McCain Ranch

14. Who arrived at the ranch before Capt Perry?
His son Ben

15. What did Ben tell Lucas?
That he was a minister and he came to try to stop his Father from doing something bad

16. When they walked outside to meet Capt Perry, what did Ben ask Lucas to do?
Leave his rifle in the house

17. Mark awoke and what did he do?
He tossed the rifle to Lucas

18. How did Lucas stop Capt Perry
He shot at the horses hoofs

19. Who played Capt Perry? What other episode of The Rifleman did he appear in?
John Hoyt appeared in two episodes ― Three Legged Terror as Fremont, Johnny's uncle ― The Martinet as Capt. Josiah Perry, the former army captain who came to North Fork to kill the man who shot down his son in a gunfight - Lucas McCain.

20. Who played Ben Perry?
Don Dubbins played Ben Perry. He was the son of Capt. Josiah Perry. He was the ordained minister

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