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Miss Milly — episode 84

1.  What part was Lucas expecting to be delivered from Hatties store?

2.  When Lucas went to town to exchange the value, what did he fins?

3.  What was Micah doing?

4.  Who owned the store now?

5.  What was Millies profession before?

6.  Why was Milly upset with the customers?

7.  Who had a scheme to help Milly?

8.  What were they going to do?

9.  Who was their first customer?

10. What did Lucas do?

11. What was the first amount of money they gave to Milly?

12. Who did they rough up for their money?

13. How much money did they get from Jim Oxford?

14. Micah was going to lock up Jack Adams and Marty but what happened?

15. What happened to the store during the shootout?

16. What did Lucas offer to do?

17. When Mark was wiping out the candy jars, what did Milly do?

18. Who played the part of Jack Adams? What other episode of The Rifleman did he appear in?

19. Who played the part of Miss Milly?

20. Who was Joan Taylor married to in real life?

Miss Milly — answers

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