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Dead Cold Cash — episode 85

1.  What was Mrs. Caruthers dying wish?
That Lucas be killed with seven days of her death

2.  If Lucas was killed what would the townspeople get?
$100,000 to be divided between every man, woman and child in North Fork.

3.  Why did she want Lucas dead?
Lucas killed her husband Sam when he was committing a crime

4.  Who was the towns attorney?
Ben Casper

5.  What was the first thing Ben wanted to do?
Call a town meeting and read the will

6.  What was Micah suspicious of?
That the money she was referring to was from the Denver mint or another robbery

7.  What was Micah going to do?
Check the serial numbers on the money with a list of serial numbers of stolen money

8.  What did Micah offer to do for Lucas to keep him safe?
Lock him in jail to protect him

9.  What did Lucas do?
He took Mark and returned to the ranch

10. As Mark left for school the next day, what did he ask Lucas?
Not to go into town that day, he feared for him

11. Who rode into the ranch after Mark left?
Stacey Beldon

12. Who did Stacey say he wan in town to visit?
Eli Benson, a cousin

13. What was his real reason for coming to town?
To kill Lucas

14. Who did Micah ad Lucas suspect somewhat for Benson being in town?
Eli as he had 11 kids and would get a bigger portion of the money

15. What was Stacey Beldon?
A hired killer

16. What did Stacey do in the street?
Drew on Lucas and Lucas shot him

17. Who actually sent tor Stacey?
Mrs. Caruthers

18. What did Micah determine about the money?
That is was indeed stolen.

19. Who played Stacey Beldon? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?
Ed Nelson appeared in three episodes ― Dead Cold Cash as Stacey Beldon, the gunslinger hired by Sarah Caruthers to kill Lucas ― The Illustrator as Ben Travis, the cowboy who murdered Sam, the tailor ― First Wages as Ben Vargas, he was the cowboy who took Mark's horse.

20. Who played Mrs. Caruthers? What other episodes of The Rifleman did she appear in?
Sara Taft appeared in three episodes ― Dead Cold Cash as Sara Caruthers, she was the bitter old woman who wanted Lucas killed within one week of her death ― Waste 1 & 2 as the old woman.

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