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Dead Cold Cash — episode 85

1.  What was Mrs. Caruthers dying wish?

2.  If Lucas was killed what would the townspeople get?

3.  Why did she want Lucas dead?

4.  Who was the towns attorney?

5.  What was the first thing Ben wanted to do?

6.  What was Micah suspicious of?

7.  What was Micah going to do?

8.  What did Micah offer to do for Lucas to keep him safe?

9.  What did Lucas do?

10. As Mark left for school the next day, what did he ask Lucas?

11. Who rode into the ranch after Mark left?

12. Who did Stacey say he wan in town to visit?

13. What was his real reason for coming to town?

14. Who did Micah ad Lucas suspect somewhat for Benson being in town?

15. What was Stacey Beldon?

16. What did Stacey do in the street?

17. Who actually sent tor Stacey?

18. What did Micah determine about the money?

19. Who played Stacey Beldon? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?

20. Who played Mrs. Caruthers? What other episodes of The Rifleman did she appear in?

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