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 The Schoolmaster — episode 86

1.  When Lucas pulls up at the school, how many children are on the wagon?

2.  What does the school master look like?

3.  What is his name?

4.  What does Billy do as he is getting off the wagon?

5.  What does Mark explain to Mr. Griswold?

6.  What is a threat to personal health?

7.  When will Billy be able to buy shoes?

8.  What does the school master start class with?

9.   What are they studying?

10. What does Billy pass to Mark?

11. What is Mark’s punishment for not doing his homework?

12. What does the schoolmaster accuse Lucas of?

13. What chore is Mark doing when Lucas comes in?

14. What is Mark’s opinion of his teacher?

15. What does the schoolmaster believe about every book?

16. What picture in on the wall over Mark’s bed?

17. Who does Lucas ask if Mark is coming home?

18. What tool does Lucas need to free Mark from the cave in?

19. What does Archimedes say about that?

20. What special quests were also in this episode?

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