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The Promoter — episode 87

1.  What was Scully always setting Ruben up to doing?

2.  In town what did Lucas enter and why?

3.  When Ruben got to town what did he want to do?

4.  What was Scully doing in the saloon?

5.  Where did Mark and Ruben meet?

6.  What did Ruben do for Lucas?

7.  What did Ruben tell Lucas he could lift?

8.  What did Scully do when he came out of the saloon?

9.  What did Micah tell Scully to do?

10. What did Ruben do then?

11. What did Ruben tell Scully he wanted to do?

12. Why was Ruben sensitive about his Mother?

13. What did Scully do to Rubens gun as he was sleeping?

14. When Ruben approached Lucas in the street with his gun what did Lucas say?

15. What had Scully been doing in the saloon?

16. What did Ruben do then?

17. When was Mark going to get to use the new shotgun?

18. Who played Scully?

19. Who played Ruben?

20. How many times has Dabbs Greer been on The Rifleman and what episodes did he appear in?

The Promoter — answers

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