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The Schoolmaster — episode 8

1. Why was Mr. Crowley coming to North Fork?
To paint a picture of Hannah Shaw

2. What condition did he arrive in?
He arrived drunk

3. Who met the stage with Hannah?
Lucas, Hannah’s Father and a hired hand

4. What did Lucas do?
Took him to a jail cell to sober him up

5. What did Mark bring Mr. Crowley for dinner?
Pork chops

6. Why did Mark not want Micah to return to town?
Lucas was acting as Marshal and Mark liked staying in the hotel

7. What was Mr. Crowleys first name?

8. What happened when Crowley and Hannah went into the saloon?
Ben Travis, the hired hand, was beating Crowley up

9. Who broke up the fight?

10. What did Hannah tell Ben Travis was going to happen?
She still wanted Crowley to paint her portrait

11. How long had Crowley been unable to paint?
Three years

12. Why then did Crowley come to North Fork?
He needed money for some of his creditors

13. Why did Lucas arrest Crowley?
To sober him up

14. What task did Lucas give Crowley to do?
Paint around the jail for starters

15. Mark rode to the jail and told Lucas something. What was it?
Some of their cows had gotten into some loco weed

16. When Ben Travis saw Lucas ride out of town what was he going to do?
Get Crowley drunk

17. When Lucas returned to town what was going on?
Sam the tailor was dead and Crowley was found next to the man

18. Crowley was drunk, did he think he killed the tailor?
He wasn’t sure

19. How did Crowley recall who he thought he saw at the crime?
He recalled from memory and drew a sketch of the man

20. Who played Crowley?
Richard Whorf played Jeremiah Crowley

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