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The Illustrator — episode 88

1. Why was Mr. Crowley coming to North Fork?

2. What condition did he arrive in?

3. Who met the stage with Hannah?

4. What did Lucas do?

5. What did Mark bring Mr. Crowley for dinner?

6. Why did Mark not want Micah to return to town?

7. What was Mr. Crowleys first name?

8. What happened when Crowley and Hannah went into the saloon?

9. Who broke up the fight?

10. What did Hannah tell Ben Travis was going to happen?

11. How long had Crowley been unable to paint?

12. Why then did Crowley come to North Fork?

13. Why did Lucas arrest Crowley?

14. What task did Lucas give Crowley to do?

15. Mark rode to the jail and told Lucas something. What was it?

16. When Ben Travis saw Lucas ride out of town what was he going to do?

17. When Lucas returned to town what was going on?

18. Crowley was drunk, did he think he killed the tailor?

19. How did Crowley recall who he thought he saw at the crime?

20. Who played Crowley?

The Illustrator — answers

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