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Silent Knife — episode 8

1.  Mark met an Indian boy in the store. What did they have in common?
They had the same name…Mark

2.  What was the unusual thing about the Indian Mark?
He could not speak

3.  What happened to him?
The Indians killed his parents when he was a little boy and they took him away with them and that he was so scared he couldn’t learn to talk their language. Well, they thought that he was only being stubborn or something, so they cut out his voice so he wouldn’t be able to talk at all. He said that since the knife cut out his voice, he’d have to let it talk for him.

4.  What did Indian Mark have that Mark admired?
His knife and knife throwing abilities

5.  How did Mark try to communicate with Indian Mark?
By trying to understand his gestures

6.  What made the Indian mad when he was at the McCain ranch?
Lucas had a Cherokee bow by the fireplace so he broke it

7.  What had Lucas suggested to the boy when he was at the ranch?
There was a school that taught people like him

8.  Where was this school and how much did it cost?
Denver and $500

9.  The next day Mark went to the Indians camp. What happened?
Mac Cowan was there to settle a dispute with the Indian. Indian Mark started choking him.

10. Who stopped him?

11. What happened when Lucas went to the Indians camp?
Indian Mark was afraid of Lucas at this point and jumped on him

12. How did Lucas get free from him?
He talked him into letting him go

13. How much had Indian Mark stolen?

14. Why did the Indian steal $500?
He wanted to go to the special school

15. Did Indian Mark go to jail for stealing the money?

16. What happened next?
Mark had gotten a letter from the Denver school saying they would take him and he could work for his schooling

17. What did Indian Mark give Mark?
A wooden carved Indian with the name Mark carved on it

18. Who played the part of Indian Mark?
Brad Weston played Mark C

19. Who played the part of MacGowan? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?
Richard Devon has appeared in seven episodes ― The Spiked Rifle as Austin Stark, the leader of the gang and the man who fooled Lucas into thinking Mark was kidnapped ― Blood Brother as Jethroe, the man in charge of the People's Committee who was looking for John Stoddard ― The Grasshopper as Walt Ryerson, the man in the handcuffs who Lucas applied a tourniquet to ― The Silent Knife as Ben Macowan, he was the guy who picked on big Mark ― Miss Milly as Jack Adams, he was the man Milly hired to be her bill collector ― The Most Amazing Man as Lovett, he was the gunslinger who forced Wade Randall into a gun fight. He was so brave until he saw what a good a shot Wade was (with Lucas' help) ― The Stand-In as Gus Potter, the prison guard that passed out when the two guards were drinkin'.

20. Other than Indian Mark, who else did Mark teach?
Abbey in Quiet Fear

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