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Silent Knife — episode 89

1.  Mark met an Indian boy in the store. What did they have in common?

2.  What was the unusual thing about the Indian Mark?

3.  What happened to him?

4.  What did Indian Mark have that Mark admired?

5.  How did Mark try to communicate with Indian Mark?

6.  What made the Indian mad when he was at the McCain ranch?

7.  What had Lucas suggested to the boy when he was at the ranch?

8.  Where was this school and how much did it cost?

9.  The next day Mark went to the Indians camp. What happened?

10. Who stopped him?

11. What happened when Lucas went to the Indians camp?

12. How did Lucas get free from him?

13. How much had Indian Mark stolen?

14. Why did the Indian steal $500?

15. Did Indian Mark go to jail for stealing the money?

16. What happened next?

17. What did Indian Mark give Mark?

18. Who played the part of Indian Mark?

19. Who played the part of MacGowan? What other episodes of The Rifleman did he appear in?

20. Other than Indian Mark, who else did Mark teach?

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