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The Sister — episode 9

1.  Who was Earl Battle meeting in North Fork?
Injun Adams and Roy Thursby
2.  When Mike asked Battle what he was up to what did Battle say?
"We're gonna kill us 'a man,' friend, we're gonna kill us a 'big man' with a big mouth"
3.  Mark asked Lucas several questions while he was getting his hair cut, what question was it that Mark said it wouldn't be easy to ask & that he had wanted to ask for some time?
Mark asked Lucas if he ever thought of marrying another woman
4.  What was Lucas's description of 'the right woman?"
Lucas said she'd have to cook and sew and scrub. Her hands gotta be soft, she's gotta have hair like the crimson as the setting sun, eyes as brown as chestnuts. She's gotta wear a flower because that's womanly & ride a horse like a man
5.  What was Rebecca's brothers names?
Peter & Joshua Snipe
6.  As Rebecca & Mark talked they realized that both of their families names were out of what book?
The Bible
7.  What name did Mark tell Rebecca his uncle's name was? [hint - it's not his Uncle Johnny]
8.  What was Mark's Grandmothers name?
9.  Was this Grandmother that Mark mentioned from his mother's or father's side of the family?
Mark never said
10. After asking Rebecca several questions, why did Mark go running out of the stage depot to find Lucas?
He hurried to find Lucas so he could introduce him to Rebecca
11. The Snipe brothers were interested in getting to know Lucas more, so they invited him to have a drink with them, what did they have to drink?
12. Who drank half cow's milk & half goats milk & why?
Peter drank half cow's & half goat's milk, he said the goat's milk was good for a man's completion 
13. Joshua made a toast, what did they toast to?
The flag
14. While Mark unsaddles Razor, Lucas went to do what?
Make Supper
15. When Lucas stepped out of the barn, what did he see?
He saw Earl Battle, Injun Adams and Roy Thursby on the porch of his house looking for him
16. Why was Roy Thursby after Lucas?
His testimony had sent Thursby to jail
17. How did Rebecca’s brother's help save Lucas' life?
After Rebecca overheard Earl Battle tell Mike at the stage depot in Castro that he & his friends were going to kill themselves a big man & saw them follow Lucas out of town she put two and two together and told her brothers. They then came to help Lucas

18. What was Rebecca hiding from her brothers?
Rebecca’s was already engaged. She had tried to hide it, but they spotted the ring around her neck and she had to tell them
19. There were five actors who appeared on The Rifleman that were regulars on Bonanza do you  know who they were?
Michael LandonDan BlockerVictor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)Bing Russell (Deputy Clem Foster / Sheriff Clem Foster)    
20. Sherry Jackson was no newcomer to television; can you name the TV Series she was best known for?
Make Room for Daddy


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