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Miss Bertie — episode

1.  On a return trip to North Fork, who did they meet?
Miss Bertie

2.  What was unusual about her?
She carried a book of Wanted Posters

3.  What did she do?
She was a bounty hunter of sorts

4.  Who was Miss Bertie on the trail of now?
Duke Jennings

5.  Who was Duke Jennings?
32 years old from Kansas

6.  Did Lucas know Duke previously?

7.  What did Miss Bertie take to Millies store?
A pair of handcuffs she wanted oil for

8.  Where did Miss Bertie find Duke Jennings?
In the North Fork Saloon playing poker

9.  He wasn’t wanted in New Mexico territory. If she caught him where would she have to take him?
Leavenworth, Kansas

10. What did Sweeney tell Miss Bertie?
That a saloon wasn’t for ladies

11. What did Miss Bertie order from Sweeney?

12. What did Miss Bertie do every day?
Went to the saloon to watch and irritate Duke Jennings

13. What was the bounty on Duke?

14. Why did Miss Bertie want the money?
To get into Happy Acres, a retirement community

15. Couldn’t Micah just arrest him?
No, he had not committed a crime in North Fork…yet

16. How did Miss Bertie finally get Duke?
She saw him cheating at cards and Micah arrested him

17. When Miss Bertie left town, what did she give Mark?
Her album of wanted posters

18. Who played Miss Bertie?
Agnes Moorehead played Bertie Hoakam. Alberta 'Bertie' Hoakam from Philadelphia. She's the old lady who arrives in town hot on the trail of a notorious bandit — and the reward money for capturing him.

19. Who played Duke Jennings?
Richard Anderson appeared in six episodesOne Went to Denver as Tom Birch an old friend of Lucas' ― Lariat as Lariat Jones, an old friend of Lucas', he too was in love with Margaret ― Miss Bertie as Duke Jennings, the cowboy that Miss Bertie had a wanted poster on ― Flowers by the Door as Jason Gowdy, the lady killer ― Millie's Brother as Harry Chase, the man who claimed he was with Millie's Brother when he died ― The Bullet as Griff, the owner of The Lucky Chance Casino in Los Cruces.

20. What personal gift did Chuck give to Agnes for doing the show?
A turquoise rhinestone Brooch as a ‘thank you’ for doing the show.
Agenes Moorehead's Brooch

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