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Miss Bertie — episode 90

1.  On a return trip to North Fork, who did they meet?

2.  What was unusual about her?

3.  What did she do?

4.  Who was Miss Bertie on the trail of now?

5.  Who was Duke Jennings?

6.  Did Lucas know Duke previously?

7.  What did Miss Bertie take to Millies store?

8.  Where did Miss Bertie find Duke Jennings?

9.  He wasn’t wanted in New Mexico territory. If she caught him where would she have to take him?

10. What did Sweeney tell Miss Bertie?

11. What did Miss Bertie order from Sweeney?

12. What did Miss Bertie do every day?

13. What was the bounty on Duke?

14. Why did Miss Bertie want the money?

15. Couldn’t Micah just arrest him?

16. How did Miss Bertie finally get Duke?

17. When Miss Bertie left town, what did she give Mark?

18. Who played Miss Bertie?

19. Who played Duke Jennings?

20. What personal gift did Chuck give to Agnes for doing the show?

Miss Bertie — answers

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