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Six Years an a Day — episode 91

1.  A couple stumbled onto the McCain ranch. What was their condition?

2.  What was their names?

3.  Mark went for Doc Burrage but he was gone. Where was he?

4.  Back at the ranch two men took over the ranch. Who were they?

5.  What did they want?

6.  Why did Jack want to kill Doc Burrage?

7.  What did Lucas try to do with Bruce?

8.  Sarah was in intense labor. What did Lucas do?

9.  What did the hired killer do?

10. What did Jack finally do?

11. What thoughts did this bring back for Lucas?

12. What did Mark call Jack after he delivered the baby?

13. What did Jack do then?

14. When Doc Burrage got there, what did Lucas say?

15. What was Doc’s response?

16. What was Mark and Lucas doing when Doc Burrage came?

17. Who played Jack Cooke?

18. Who played Sarah Marston?

19. Who played Doc Burrage in this episode? Can you name some of the episodes he appeared in?

20. What other actors play the part of Doc Burrage?

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