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Flowers by the Door — episode 92

1.  The criminal who came to North Fork. what was his crime of choice?

2.  What was a ‘front’ he used to disguise himself?

3.  What was the mans name?

4.  When Jason rode upon the McCain ranch what did Mark do?

5.  What was Jason doing with Mark?

6.  What did Mark say about his partnership with Lucas?

7.  Why did Micah ride to Cora Severs house?

8.  Why did Lucas go to the Seaver house?

9.  Who did Lucas meet on the trail on the way back to the ranch?

10. What did Mark show Lucas that Jason had given him?

11. When Jason got to the Seaver place, how did he gain access?

12. What did Lucas do after he saw the flower seeds?

13. What stopped Jason from killing Cora?

14. How did Jason find Mark on the trail?

15. When Jason realized Mark knew who he was what did he do?

16. What did Lucas find on the trail?

17. What did Lucas do?

18. What did Mark do with the seeds?

19. Who played Jason Gowdy?

20. Who played Cora Seaver?

Flowers by the Door — answers

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