The  Rifleman
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Long Trek — episode 93

1.  What was Lucas doing for Micah?
A favor

2.  What was the favor?
Helping Micah deliver a prisoner to Santa Fe

3.  What was the man’s name?

4.  What awful thing did Stanley do on the trail?
Scared all of their horses away

5.  What was their major problem now?
100 miles with no food or water

6.  Why did Micah want Lucas to go on alone?
Micah fell and really hurt himself and could not keep up

7.  How did Micah fall?
He climbed up some boulders to see if he could see any water holes and he slipped and fell

8.  What was Stanley trying to do to bargain?
He said he knew where water was and he would tell them if they let him loose

9.  What did Lucas do?
He went on alone with Stanley, told Micah he would be back for him

10. Did Stanley actually know where water was?

11. What happened to Stanley?
He started to eat dirt thinking it was water

12.What made the horses come back?
They smelled water

13. What did Lucas do then?
Took a canteen and gave it to Micah and then dug in the area freeing the water so the horses could drink

14. When Lucas got home what did Mark do at the pump?
Kept pumping and the water overflowed

15. What did Lucas say?
Not to waste water, he knew how precious it was

16. What did Lucas do then?
He started pumping, He realized they had plenty of water on the ranch and they were going to enjoy it.

17. Who played the part of Stanley? What other episode did he appear in?
Lonny Chapman appeared in two episodes ― The Long Trek as Stanley, the prisoner Micah was transporting to Santa Fe ― And the Devil Makes Five as Scully Potter, Michael was taking him back to North Fork to stand trial before the circuit judge, he shot and killed Ted Bennett, the sheriff of Marietta.

18. How many other episodes were they in a desert situation with no horses or much food and water?

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