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Long Trek — episode 93

1.  What was Lucas doing for Micah?

2.  What was the favor?

3.  What was the man’s name?

4.  What awful thing did Stanley do on the trail?

5.  What was their major problem now?

6.  Why did Micah want Lucas to go on alone?

7.  How did Micah fall?

8.  What was Stanley trying to do to bargain?

9.  What did Lucas do?

10. Did Stanley actually know where water was?

11. What happened to Stanley?

12.What made the horses come back?

13. What did Lucas do then?

14. When Lucas got home what did Mark do at the pump?

15. What did Lucas say?

16. What did Lucas do then?

17. Who played the part of Stanley? What other episode did he appear in?

18. How many other episodes were they in a desert situation with no horses or much food and water?

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