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The Actress — episode 94

1.  What did Lucas want from Jacob Black?

2.  Why could Lucas not get it?

3.  When Jacob was injured, what surprised Lucas and the Doc?

4.  What did Jacob want Lucas to do?

5.  What was Lucas plan then?

6.  When Lucas got to Willow Springs what did he find?

7.  What was she singing?

8.  What did Lucas do when she did not want to go with him?

9.  What happened on the trail?

10. What happened at the campfire at nighttime?

11. Did Lucas give in to her advances?

12. She was lovely, why did Lucas not give in?

13. When she asked about his temper what did he say?

14. When they got to North Fork what did Lucas tell her?

15. Why did she marry Jacob?

16. What did Jacob give to Lucas for going to get Beth?

17. What did Beth think about the gift of land to Lucas?

18. Who played Beth Black?

19. Who played Jacob Black?

20. Who got story credit for the episode?

The Actress — answers

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