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The Actress — episode 94

1.  What did Lucas want from Jacob Black?
A strip of land that ran along the creek bed and Lucas property

2.  Why could Lucas not get it?
Jacob wanted too much money for it

3.  When Jacob was injured, what surprised Lucas and the Doc?
That Jacob had recently gotten married

4.  What did Jacob want Lucas to do?
Go to Willow Springs and bring his wife back

5.  What was Lucas plan then?
To honor his friends wish and get her

6.  When Lucas got to Willow Springs what did he find?
Elizabeth Black was singing in the saloon

7.  What was she singing?
Champagne, Champagne

8.  What did Lucas do when she did not want to go with him?
Picked her up, threw her on a horse and took off with her

9.  What happened on the trail?
First she faked falling from the horse to get Lucas attention

10. What happened at the campfire at nighttime?
She made a play for Lucas

11. Did Lucas give in to her advances?

12. She was lovely, why did Lucas not give in?
She was Jacobs wife and he respected that

13. When she asked about his temper what did he say?
His wife never saw his temper”

14. When they got to North Fork what did Lucas tell her?
“She was an actress and to give dying Jacob a good performance”

15. Why did she marry Jacob?
He was kind to her

16. What did Jacob give to Lucas for going to get Beth?
The deed to the strip of land Lucas wanted

17. What did Beth think about the gift of land to Lucas?
That he did it for the land

18. Who played Beth Black?
Diana Millay played Elizabeth Garrett-Black

19. Who played Jacob Black?
Morris Ankrum appeared two episodes ― The Actress as Jacob Black, the dying man who asked Lucas fetch his wife for him before he died ― Shivaree as Aaron Pelser, the Wagonmaster.

20. Who got story credit for the episode?
Chuck Connors

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