The  Rifleman
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Face of Yesterday — episode

1.  What was the main problem with Hank Clay?

2.  What was the first confrontation in town?

3.  Mark and Lucas rode into town after the shooting, what happened?

4.  What did Milly have she wanted Lucas to see?

5.  Simon was irritated by Lucas and called him out. What did Lucas do?

6.  Before leaving town what did Lucas tell Micah about the boy?

7.  What did Lucas do back at the ranch?

8.  Why did Micah follow Lucas to the ranch?

9.  What did Lucas say about the picture and letter?

10. What did Micah keep telling Lucas?

11. What did Lucas want to do now?

12. Did Simons Mother hate Lucas for this?

13. When Hank would stir up trouble, did he care if Simon was hurt or killed or not?

14. Simon returned home and found Lucas there? What did he do?

15. When Lucas stepped outside what did he tell Micah?

16. Did Simon understand that Hank was setting him up all the time?

17. What happened in the shootout?

18. What was Simon’s realization then?

19. Who played the part of Simon?

20. Who played the part of Simons Mother?

Face of Yesterday — answers

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