The  Rifleman
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The Wyoming Story part 1 — episode 96
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1.  What was the plaque around town?
Everyone’s cattle was dying

2.  Who rode to town to get the Vet for Lucas cattle?
Mark rode bareback to town

3.  What happened at the McCain barn?
The last of the calves died

4.  What did Lucas do to release his frustration?
Hit a post with his fist

5.  Mark was so down what did Lucas offer to do?
They both go into town for a dinner

6.  What was Marks response?
That since they had no money coming in they should not do it

7.  What did Mark offer to do?
Quit school and get a job

8.  What did Lucas see when he rode into town?
The streets were empty, people were leaving

9.  What plan did Micah have?
He offered a job that had been offered to him

10. What was the job?
To go to Wyoming and work undercover on a government job

11. Where would Lucas have to go?
To the Wind River Mountains

12. What was going on?
Someone was supplying the Indians with guns and they have been stealing cattle

13. What was Marks reply?
He did not want Lucas to leave him

14. Did Lucas tell Mark and Millie exactly what he would be doing and where he would be going?

15. Who would Mark stay with?
Mark stayed with Milly and would return to the ranch to look over things

16. When Lucas got to La Mesa who recognized him from a poster?
Finny the town drunk

17. What was Lucas first encounter with the town Marshal?
In the saloon

18. Who approached Lucas in the saloon?
The crooked Indian agent, they thought Lucas was a hired gun and they wanted Lucas to work for them

19. What did Lucas do after that?
Lucas then went to the Marshals office and they exchanged ideas

20. How was Lucas cover exposed?
Finny saw the letter Micah wrote the Marshal


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