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The Wyoming Story part 2 — episode 97
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1. Who was responsible for looking after Mark?
Milly and Micah

2. Did Milly know where Lucas was and what he was doing?

3. Why could Micah not tell Milly?
It was for Lucas safety

4. Who did Finny tell about Lucas?
Aggie, a saloon girl

5. What did Aggie do with the information?
She went to see Lucas and asked for him to take her with him when he left

6. What did Lucas do after knowing Aggie knew about the plot?
Went to the Marshall and told him his cover had possibly been blown

7. Why did Lucas go to see McKee?
To offer to work for him (so he could get inside information on McKee)

8. How did McKee find out Lucas was actually working for the Marshal?
They found Aggie and beat the information out of her

9.  At the confrontation what happened?
Lucas killed the guys and went to Aggie but she also died

10. Meanwhile back at the ranch…what did Mark do?
He traded his horse for a plow mule

11. Why did Mark do this?
He was going to try to farm the ranch by himself

12. Micah and Milly went to the ranch to see Lucas. What did Mark say?
He did not think Lucas was coming back so the ranch was his and he was going to farm it

13. What does the sign on the house say?
"This house rebuilt by Lucas McCain and his son Mark Aug 1881 God Bless Our Home”

14. How did Mark sense Lucas was coming?
Standing on the porch he felt Lucas presence

15. What did Lucas bring with him?
Some cattle

16. How did they greet?
Ran towards each other and Mark jumped into his arms

17. Who played the part of Finny?
Dabbs Greer

18. Who played the part of Aggie?
Enid Jaynes

19. Who was Enid Jaynes married to in real life?
Producer Jules Levy

20. Who played the part of McKee?
Kent Taylor appeared in two episodes ― The Wyoming Story 1 & 2 as Forbes McKee, the man who ran the trading post.

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