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Closer than a Brother — episode 98

1.  Lucas and Mark rode into town. Where did Mark go first?

2.  Why was Micah upset with Mark?

3.  Mark not being an adult yet, was is proper to call Micah by by first name?

4.  Lucas came in to see Micah, what happened?

5.  What did Micah throw in the trash can?

6.  Where did Micah go next?

7.  What did Lucas do?

8.  What was Micahs opinion about Lucas help?

9.  What did Micah give Lucas in the saloon?

10. Micah went into the back room as Lucas was talking to him. What did Micah do?

11. Who came in the office next?

12. What was his offer?

13. When Lucas rode to town the next day what did he do?

14. Where was Micah staying?

15. What was Micah condition?

16. What was he singing?

17. What did Micah confide in Lucas?

18. Where was Ansel Bain?

19. What did Lucas do?

20. Why did Lucas go for Ansel Bain?

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