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The Lost Treasure at Canyon Town — episode 99

1. Where did Micah, Lucas and Mark go?
They went to H1gh Butte to settle a cattle deal

2. What other thing did they also do?
Went to a Bill Cody Circus Show

3. Why did they stop at Canyon Town?
Micah spent time there as a boy

4. What was one of Micah memories of the town?
He would sweep the store for a piece of licorice

5. It appeared to be a ghost town now, did anyone live there now?
Mr. Newman and his son Herbert and they knew Micah

6. What did Mr. Newman do?
Invited them to dinner

7. At dinner what spooked Mark?
He thought he saw someone at the window

8. What did they do after dinner?
Went for a walk, Micah wanted to show them around

9. What did Mark do?
He took a shortcut through a cave and got lost in the cave

10. What did Mark find?
A skeleton

11. When Lucas found Mark in the cave what happened?
Herbert's other brother James attacked Lucas

12. When Lucas got away what did James do?
Caused a cave in and was killed

13. When they got back to the Newman place what happened?
They talked about the incident with Herbert and he told the whole story.

14. Did the elder Mr. Newman know the truth?
No, he was napping when they were talking

15. Why did Herbert not tell his Pa about James?
He thought both sons had been killed. James was living in the caves and Herbert took him food

16. What other episode was there a cave in?
Schoolmaster. Mark was in a cave in

17. When Lucas was explaining ‘gold’ to Mark what did he say?
His real gold was ‘the fields in the back of the barn’ and the house ‘with the fireplace going’ that was real gold to him

18. Who played Mr. Newman? Can you name the episodes he appeared in?
William Fawcett appeared in two episodes ― Lost Treasure of Canyon Town as Mr. Newman the nice old man who remembered young Micah ― Suspicion as Pyrite Rand the old man who also claimed he also killed Larson.

19. Who played the brother James?
Mickey Finn played James Newman

20. Who played Herbert Newman? Can you name the episodes he appeared in?
Robert Foulk appeared in five episodes, four times as Toomey ― The Raid as Toomey, the man who wanted to turned back, he didn't want go on to help Lucas find Mark ― The Second Witness as the Toomey, the man who made the coffin for the witness ― Three Legged Terror as Toomey, the man who Johnny Clover was sketching when his uncle came to Lucas' ranch ― Outlaw's Inheritance as Toomey, the man who didn't want Lucas to represent North Fork after finding out Lucas' inheritance ― The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town as Herbert Newman

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