"Happy Valentine's Day!"

From Lucas, Ann,
Millie & Lou

'The Visitor' episode #58Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing thru town on her way to claim her inheritance. Christine White - Michael Pate - June Vincent - John Harmon - Ralph Moody (1/26/60) ~ Writers: William F. Leicester, Chuck Connors & Wally Bennett ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

'Millie’s Brother' episode #140Millie becomes interested in a man who claims to have known her brother during the civil war, but Lucas doesn’t believe his story. Richard Anderson - Joe Higgins (4/23/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Richard Donner

'Mark’s Rifle' episode #150Mark befriends a man from the circus and becomes angered when Lucas accuses the newcomer of committing a crime. Mark Goddard - Eddie Quillan (11/19/62) Writer: Oliver Crawford ~ Director: Arnold Laven

Honorable mention.....I just couldn't leave out Nora, Lucas did love her
a long time ago. 
Nora episode #75—Lucas finds himself involved in a murder when he gallantly steps to the aid of a beautiful woman.  Julie Adams - Murvyn Vye - Michael Fox - Michael Stefani - John Carpenter (5/24/60) Writers: David Victor
 & Herbert Little ~ Director: Ted Post

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