The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

A Case of Identity
Episode 57

Probably the worst fear I ever faced in my life wasn’t the fear of loosing my own life or even the fear of someone burning down my house and leaving me for dead. But the worst fear that The Rifleman - A Case of Identity - Episode 57ever rocked me was the fear of loosing my only son. Anyone who knows me knows that my boy is the most important thing in my life, and I’d give up everything else to keep him. That’s why when men came onto my land and threatened to take away my son, fear gripped me in a way as it only can with my son’s life is in danger.

One day these men rode into town. Captain James Gordon and Lon Perry were private detectives who came to North Fork on a mission – to find the missing son of Mr. Robert Wingate. But the way they went about in locating him was immoral and wrong. You see, they rode into town, and when it was time for the North Fork school to take their lunch recess, several of the boys came into town. Mark was one of those boys.

It was a gathering at the water – a water trough, that is. Several boys were gathered around. The detectives tossed coins into the water for the boys to catch, and they were able to keep those they caught. Of course it was money, and there aren’t many boys who would turn down an offer of free money!

Mark rode into town and saw what was going on. A homeless boy named Dollar Ten ran up to Mark. "That guy over there, he's tossing nickels. All you gotta do is catch one."

That got Mark excited. “Why’s he doing it?”

“I don’t know,” Dollar Ten stated. “I guess he’s just being friendly.”

Of course Mark wanted to try his hand at it too. He knew how I felt about him taking money from strangers, no matter how or why, but he did it anyhow. I’m sure it is a mighty temptation for a boy. If only he had known it was a trick. If only I had been in town that day to stop him…As he ran over to try it, Gordon suggested he roll up his sleeves. He had what they were looking for: a strawberry birthmark just as plain as could be on his forearm. That was just what they were looking for. The detectives looked at each other, and then tossed Mark the nickel.

Mark thanked them and then turned to leave. But Gordon stopped him. He pointed out the birthmark on his arm. He questioned him to find out some information on him. You know kids, they don’t ever think bad about people and want to be friendly. Mark never gave the questions a second thought. He told them he was 12, my name was Lucas McCain, and his mother was dead. Mark went back to school.

“That’s our boy,” Gordon stated.

“You mean that’s Wingate’s boy,” Perry stated.

They telegraphed him to let him know they had found his son. When he arrived on the stage they met him, but before he could even get started for my ranch, they demanded the reward money. “If you read that circular carefully, you’ll see that I’ll pay $2,000.00 for the legal recovery of my son.” He wasn’t paying anything until he lawfully had his boy. They had put a lot of money into finding his boy for them. “That’s your risk, not mine! I’ve paid off too many detectives on too many wild goose chases…” Suddenly, he felt faint. But he wanted to get to my place to see his boy.

Mark was at school when they arrived, and I was working in the barn when I heard them approach. There were three riders. They tied their horses to the house then walked over to me. "Howdy! I'm looking for a man named McCain," Gordon greeted me. He introduced himself and told me he was with a detective agency. Then he introduced me to the others. He was looking for a man named McCain who had a boy with him.

“Well, that would be my son, Mark,” I answered politely. I told them he was 12.

“That’s the right age,” Gordon stated. That puzzled me a bit.

Suddenly, Wingate stated, “The man we are looking for isn’t from around here. You ever been near the Mississippi?” I told him I had. “In ’71?”

“No, no…It was later The Rifleman - A Case of Identity - Episode 57…uh…More like ’73,” I answered. He asked me if I was sure. “I’m quite sure. What is this all about, Mister?” I was getting a bit uncomfortable with these questions.

“My son disappeared in the Mississippi Riverboat fire in the summer of ’71. My wife too. They found Laura, but they never found Robert.” I was sorry to hear that.

Just then Mark rode in. I proudly stated that that was my boy Mark coming now. Then I introduced him to the men.

Suddenly, Wingate walked over to him and bent down to his level. Then he lifted Mark’s right arm and rolled up his sleeve. I watched from behind him, a bit puzzled and surprised at what he was doing. Suddenly, he began crying as he put his hands on Mark’s shoulders and kneeled in front of him. “Oh Robert! Robert!” he cried. Mark was suddenly frightened, and I could tell. “Robert, I’ve been looking for so long, son.”

I suddenly became quite protective of my boy. “He’s not your boy, Mr. Wingate!” I stated angrily. I didn’t like them upsetting my son like this.

“Her eyes.” He touched his face. “And her coloring.”

I suddenly grabbed his arm. “Now listen to me, man,” I said quite upset. “Listen to me Mr. Wingate. I’m sorry about you loosing your son, but that doesn’t mean you can come around here claiming mine!”

"Ten years I've been looking for him and now I found him. He's mine McCain!” He turned to look at Mark. “I'm your father, Robert!" He actually yelled that at my son!

That scared Mark. He ran over to my side for protection from him. I put my arm around him protectively. Mark was very upset, and that upset me even more! "Now that's enough Mr. Wingate!” I ordered. “Now get this straight! I'm giving you and your friends one minute to get off this ranch!" I turned to get my rifle that I had leaning up against the barn. I was shocked, though, when Perry suddenly shot at me. He told me to keep my hand away from the rifle.

That really worried me! They were really serious about taking my son!

But suddenly Wingate hit Perry’s gun with his cane. “There will be no force used!” Wingate yelled. Then he turned to me. “I’ll fight this in the courts! I’ll prove that he’s mine legally!” Suddenly, Wingate collapsed to the ground. I immediately ran over to him. I told Mark to go get me some water. Then I ordered the two men to ride into town and get the doctor. They just sat there staring at me. “Well if you care anything for your client’s future, don’t stay there gawking! Go get the doctor!” I ordered angrily.

Mark brought me the water and I gave Wingate a drink. That woke him up. Even as I stood there wiping his face and he was gasping for air, he stated, “Don’t worry, Robert. I’m alright.” I looked at Mark and sighed impatiently.

So you can see why I may have been a little rude when the doc got in to check on Wingate. He reported to us that it was only the heat and the long ride from St. Louis, and he needed a lot of rest and quiet. But then he stated he didn’t want him moving tonight.

After all that had been said this afternoon, I could not…would not…allow this man to stay in my house! I have allowed outlaws and men I didn’t particular care for stay in my house without giving it a second thought. But Mark was upset…afraid…and I was the same. This man was threatening to take the one thing away from me that I couldn’t give him, and that alone was too much for me to handle.

The doc stared at me, shocked, when I made that announcement. “Luke! Bring him in to my office in your wagon tomorrow,” he ordered me. I told him I’d bring him now – anything to get this man out of my house! “Luke, I don’t know what’s wrong, but this is a sick man. Tomorrow.” He’s right, he didn’t have any idea what was going on! But I knew that he was a doctor first, and I had to follow his orders…

Wingate was able to sit at the table for supper. He complimented us on the meal, but complained that he wasn’t a very good cook. The last thing I wanted to do with this man is have a casual conversation. Mark was still very upset. His very presence bothered Mark. I looked at him and he got up and carried his dishes to the sink. Wingate looked at Mark. “Of course with a boy around the house, you’ve got company with your meals.”

I didn’t want to hear anything more about his boy, so I changed the subject. I asked him if he did some kind of work back home. That just made it worse! He kept looking at Mark. “I have a leather tanning business.” Mark walked over to me to stand close to me, protectively. "The sign over the door says, 'Wingate & Son'. I added the son just after Robert was born. I never took it off.” He continued to stare at Mark as he spoke, not taking his eyes off of him for a second.

I suddenly asked him if he had any other children. I was angry, and Mark knew it. I think that’s another reason he wanted to stand next to me – to protect me from doing anything I’d be sorry for. It had taken them five years to have Robert. “We’d almost given up hope. When he was two we took a steamboat down the Mississippi to New Orleans. I was on deck when the boilers blew up. Somebody must have pulled me out of the river. Others weren’t so lucky. They had all the bodies lined up in a barn and-“

He was getting too descriptive. My son was already upset enough, and I didn’t want him hearing The Rifleman - A Case of Identity - Episode 57such details that could give him nightmares! I tried to stop him, but it did no good. “Laura was there, but not Robert. I spent weeks in town looking for him. I asked everybody. Somebody took him, I’m sure of that! Probably some childless couple.” Hearing this story only confirmed my growing suspicious. He was desperate to find his son. My son was in danger.

Mark was getting more upset. I suggested to Wingate to go to bed. I knew I needed to calm my boy down somehow. “Ten years I’ve been looking and I paid off more then a dozen detectives. But it was worth it. I finally found my son. My Robert.”

“But my names’ Mark,” he said. He looked to me for comfort. Mark was growing more worried. So was I.

That was it! I couldn’t take anymore of his upsetting my son. “Mr. Wingate, I don’t mean to upset you, but I’ve got plenty of proof that Mark’s mine,” I stated. He wanted that proof. I stood and grabbed our family Bible. I sat it in front of him. “It’s all there,” I answered. This was such a private thing for me. It was nobody’s business but my son’s and mine, but he left me no choice. I had to expose this private item to this stranger for my son’s sake. “Date of the wedding. Mark’s birth. My wife’s death.”

I walked away with a heavy heart as he looked at it. That had been hard for me to reveal, but I had to. But suddenly, my sorrow of revealing our private things turned into pure anger…rage…Because suddenly he took this special, private sentiment and turned it into nothing. “You could have written this in anytime!”

I turned, staring at him as anger began building inside of me. “Wingate, that’s a Bible!” I was shocked…beyond shocked…

Even worse, he slammed it shut – our precious family Bible that I had opened for a stranger was slammed shut! “It’ll never stand up in a court of law!”

Mark was suddenly very upset. He turned and looked at me. He saw the pure anger cross my face. That was it! I couldn’t take anymore of this. It was too much for me to handle! I started to go for him, but Mark was suddenly there. He grabbed a hold of me with all his might and stopped me. “Pa! Pa!” He said.

I looked down at him and saw the look of fear in his eyes. But it was a new fear – he was afraid of me…of what I would do to this man…I suddenly calmed myself down, knowing I was too angry. “I’m sorry son,” I said. I was sorry. “You go on to bed. I’ll be right there,” I promised him. He didn’t need to be around this man anymore! Mark hesitated, worried that I would try to do something. He was trying to protect me from my own self and I knew it. “It’s alright,” I promised. But he still looked at me, fearful of what I would do. “It’s alright,” I promised again as he started into his room.

He stood in the doorway and watched me for another moment. Then he went into his room, closing the door behind him.

I only had one more thing to say to this man. "Wingate, when your feeling better, we'll talk about it. But, not in front of the boy!" I said this with a lot of force and sternness. I wanted to make sure he knew where I stood!

I had to go talk to my son. He was very upset and that made my heart even heavier. I walked into the bedroom slowly. I saw Mark laying on the bed, his face to the wall. He was very upset and scared. I’m sure there were a million thoughts going through his head right now. I had to stay strong…confident…for his sake. I slowly made my way over to the bed. “Mark,” I said softly as I bent down beside the bed.

He turned over to look at me. I saw those emotions on his face. "I'm not his son, am I?" Not for a second did I believe he thought that, but a boy’s mind is easily confused. He was so confused right now…he didn’t know what was real. I had to tell him.

"No your not his son. Your a part of your mother and me,” I assured him as I looked straight into his eyes sternly.

Mark needed to hear that. It made him feel a little better. “I feel sorry for him, Pa. But why did he have to pick me for his son?” Mark asked. This had to be rough on him!

“I don’t know Mark,” I answered him with a sigh. “But I’m gonna find out.”

“I think he’s a little sick in the head!” Mark declared.

But I was always trying to help Mark to see the best in people, and this man could be no exception. “No, he’s a little sick in the heart,” I stated honestly. “Like I would be if I lost you and spent years trying to find you. That could be a powerful grief.” I think those words helped me as much as they helped him understand this man. I reached out and patted him on the shoulder. “You better get ready for bed, huh?”

Mark nodded, knowing it had been a long day and I wanted him away from this man who had upset him so deeply. But as I walked toward the door, he stopped me. “Pa?” I turned to look at him. “I love you,” he suddenly said.

That made me smile. He needed to say that, to let me know that he knew he was my son. I needed to hear it. While the fear of loosing my son was so powerful over me, I knew that my son loved me. I couldn’t hardly say anything, what with all the emotions in the room. “I know you do,” I answered.

That was enough forThe Rifleman - A Case of Identity - Episode 57 him. It made him smile a relieved smile. He knew everything would be right again.

But I didn’t…yet. As I stepped out into the living room, I couldn’t help but to be afraid…very afraid…of what lengths these men would do to get my son. But no matter what, I couldn’t let Mark know how concerned I was for him.

Wingate was on his hands and knees praying and crying. "I never gave up hope of finding him Lord. Thank you Lord, for returning my son to me."

I couldn’t handle that anymore! I stepped back into the bedroom and closed the door.

The next morning, Gordon and Perry were getting very nervous! Perry didn’t want to stay around any longer then he had to. He thought they should come back to the ranch and demand Wingate to give them his money. Gordon reminded him the money was in the bank. He’d have another talk with Wingate and tell him they needed money to get the case started. Perry had been playing with his gun this whole time. He had a better idea. “Kill McCain.”

“You know what you’re saying?” Gordon asked in surprise.

“Sure. I get him to draw on me. Kill him. Then Wingate can claim the boy, we get our money and get out of here!” Perry made it sound so easy, but Gordon told him about my quickness with my rifle. I wasn’t an easy man to kill. “You’ve never seen me throw down on a man, have you Gordon?” Perry suddenly stated. “If you don’t talk some since into Wingate, you just might get that chance!” Perry promised.

I drove Wingate back to town the next day. Mark sat in the wagon and when we stopped and untied Wingate’s horse to give to him. “I suppose I oughta thank you, McCain.” I didn’t say a word to him. I had nothing to say – at least nothing nice.

Suddenly, he called Mark Robert again. “My name’s not Robert,” Mark told him as he came up to him. He tried to give Mark a money piece to buy himself something. Mark did want to take it, but he turned to me and saw the stern look I held on my face. He knew what that look meant – No way! Mark turned back around. “I’m sorry, I can’t.” But Wingate insisted. He wanted to give it to him for taking care of him. Mark turned to look at me again, but I held the same quiet, stern expression. Mark turned back around. This was hard for him to do, but he had no choice. “I’m sorry, Mr. Wingate, but my Pa’s taught me never to take money from strangers.” Then Mark turned around and quickly walked away. Wingate walked toward the docs. I only stared at his retreating figure.

Dollar Ten helped Wingate get settled in his hotel room. As he took a drink of water he wondered why a boy his age was working in the hotel. He told him to ask for “Dollar Ten” if there was anything else he wanted. “What’s that?” Wingate suddenly asked.

“Dollar Ten. That’s my name. A man once gave me ten cents for a shoeshine and a dollar for a tip. I had the name ever since.”

Wingate suddenly took the money he had offered to Mark from his pocket. “You know, I know a boy who wouldn’t take this. Maybe you will.” He did with great pleasure.

Gordon and Perry suddenly rushed into Wingate’s room as Dollar Ten was leaving. Gordon assured Wingate that he had a lot of experience in legal matters and would need money to get the case started. But Wingate assure him he’d handle the case himself. Gordon announced that they would leave town since he no longer had any use for them. Wingate told them to let him know where they were so he could send them the reward money. Perry suddenly insisted they get it before they leave. But Wingate again reminded them that he would not give them a until the boy was his. “I’m beginning to see your merit in your idea after all!” Gordon told Perry before they left.

I went to talk to Micah about my latest predicament. He had seen the reward poster somewhere, and was finally able to locate it. “2,000.00 reward for information leading to the whereabouts and legal establishment of Robert Wingate, the son of Aaron and Laura Wingate missing since the Mississippi Riverboat fire of April 1871.”

I took over the reading then. “Now 12 years old. Brown hair, dark eyes, birthmark on right forearm.” Reading that only upset me more! Micah agreed with me – a man could make a lot of boys meet that description. I was guessing he’s met a lot of boys that met that description and each time he tried harder to make that boy fit. Now he was convinced Mark was his son.

Micah didn’t like it – offering money could make it an awful temptation to stir up trouble. I asked Micah what he knew about the detectives. “I don’t know the big fellow. But I remember Gordon. He's nothing but an ordinary bounty chaser trying to sound legitimate by calling himself a detective. You be careful Lucas. They might try anything to get their hands on that reward money."

I agreed. "Even kill me," I said.

I wanted to talk to Wingate. But as I stepped out of Micah’s office, I saw the two so-called detectives standing on the porch of the hotel just waiting for me. Perry stopped me as I tried to go inside. “McCain, I want a word with you!”

“I’ve got nothing I want to say to you,” I answered.

He stepped down onto the street and stood in front of me. “I take offense when a man refuses my company!”

“Well take offense, mister!” I stated angrily. I knew exactly what they were trying to do, and I didn’t want any part of it!

I walked into the hotel and straight to Wingate’s room. I knocked persistently on the door and when he opened it, I invited myself inside. “Wingate, I want you to do me a favor. Pack your things and get out of town!” I demanded. He said he wasn’t going to do me any favors. “Nobody’s try-“ I started. But I stopped. I was suddenly getting very upset. “Look Wingate, Mark’s my boy and no amount of lawyers or detectives are going to prove otherwise!” I insisted. “Look Wingate, your stirring up a lot of trouble with this search of yours. Those men who call themselves detectives, they’re nothing but cutthroats looking for some easy money!”

He wouldn’t listen to me! He insisted that they weren’t going to get a cent until he get’s Robert.

I knew that! And his words were making me angry all over again. You just can’t stop a father’s anger! “Well that’s what I’m worried about!” I yelled at him. “They’ll do anything to get their hands on that reward! They’re down there right now waiting to provoke me into a gunfight on the chance they’ll kill me and make it easy for you to get Mark!”

He didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. He was being stupid, and it could mean my death and Mark’s separation from everything he ever knew and loved, forced to live as a man’s dead son for the remainder of his life! Just thinking about it made me angry! Very angry!

"Alright Wingate, I'm going,” I answered calmly. I walked to the door. Then I turned and put my finger right into his face. “But you remember this, if they do gun me down, you may get my boy, you won't have one happy moment until the day you die because down....” I stopped, suddenly overcome by emotion at what that could mean for Mark. “Down deep you'll know he's my boy, not yours."

I was fed up with this whole thing and was ready to see this end…right now! I was also very angry and very afraid for my boy. I had no choice. As I walked out of the hotel, there were men gathered on the street. Even my boy was there. Gordon and Perry were standing there, waiting for me to come out.

I walked into the street, ready for action. "You were saying something to me a while back friend, what was it?"

Perry stood in the street as we faced each other. He had his hand on his holster. "I hear your a bear with that rifle McCain."

"Yeah, I'm a bear," I answered as I toss my rifle in my other hand.

Suddenly, the door to the hotel opened and Wingate stepped out. He was going to see the truth now.

"Alright Sodbuster, show me!" Micah stepped out of his office. Everyone stood watching us as we faced each other in a shootout. "Now," Perry suddenly shouted. He drew his gun, but I shot him. He fell to the ground.

Gordon started to draw but I turned my rifle on him. Micah walked up to him. "Gordon, I'm arresting you for the attempted murder of Lucas McCain."

Gordon knew he was defeated. "Ah, it was his idea," he announced. “He wanted to go up against McCain.”

"Why?” I asked as I looked at Wingate. “It was to get my boy, wasn’t it?” I asked calmly. He didn’t answer. I was suddenly angry at all the trouble this man had caused. I grabbed him by his jacket and dragged him over to Wingate. “Wasn't it?"

He said nothing.

"You knew all along Mark wasn't Wingate's son, didn't ya'?” I asked. But I was suddenly overcome with emotion at the danger my boy’s life had been put in…at the way Mark was so upset and angered over this situation. “Didn't ya'?" I asked with a broken, angry voice

"Wingate was paying $2,000 to find him a son. Yours was as good as any." I suddenly let go of him and started to walk away. I didn’t want my anger to get the better of me.

Mark was beside me as we walked away together. But Wingate called to me. “I’ve been a fool. I wanted my son so bad I…I almost got an innocent man killed.” I suddenly saw the guilt and surrender in his eyes. I suddenly felt bad for him…felt sorry…He looked at Mark. “Please for give me.” He hesitated to let Mark know just how sorry he was. “…Mark?”

Mark looked to me for my approval. I nodded, winked at him and gave him a small smile. He had my approval. Mark turned and smiled at him. He had no hard feelings!
The Rifleman - A Case of Identity - Episode 57
We had thought it would be nice to have Mr. Wingate and Dollar Ten out to the ranch for supper before Wingate had to leave for St. Louie.

I sighed a big sigh. It was over.

I even invited Mr. Wingate over for supper that night. Of course Mark wanted Dollar Ten to come as well. And he did, all dressed up in a suit and everything! Of course after seeing him so dirty, Mr. Wingate was a little surprised to see Dollar Ten so clean. "That dirt was the result of honest labor. Dollar Ten holds more jobs and works harder then most grown men I know." I stated proudly.

Then we announced that Dollar Ten was an orphan living on his own. "Nearly everyone in North Fork has offered him a home, but Dollar Ten likes to be independent,” I stated.

"That may be so Lucas, but a boy needs somebody." Mr. Wingate looked straight at Dollar Ten as he formed an idea in his head. "Dollar Ten, how'd you like to come back to St. Louie with me? I've got a big house and I live all alone. You could stay with me. If you'd want to learn the leather tanning business, I could teach ya'."

Dollar Ten smiled and thought only for a second before he responded. "Well sure! I'd like that!"

Mark and I smiled at each other. This was a happy ending! Dollar Ten got a much needed father, and this lonely man got a nice needed son!

piddlin' stuff.....Royal Dano appeared in five episodes ― The Sheridan Story as the Confederate Soldier, Private Frank Blanden in ― A Matter of Faith as Jonas Epps the Rain Maker ― A Case of Identity as Aaron Wingate, he was the man who was searching for his long loss son, Robert ― Honest Abe as Able "Abe" Lincoln, Able suffered a mental shock during the civil war and as a result believes he is Abraham Lincoln ― Day of Reckoning as Reverend Jamison, he was the minister who was once a crooked outlaw.

Chris Alcaide appeared in ten episodes ― The Trade as Hamp Ferris, he was the cowboy who wanted to turn Morley in for the reward ― Obituary as Panama Billings, he was the gunfighter who rode into North Fork trying to make a name for himself and another notch on his gun ― A Case of Identity as Lon Perry, he was the cowboy along with his partner Captain James Gordon who scheme to make Wingate think Mark was his son ― A Time for Singing as Spence, the leader of a gang of bank robbers who were going to rob the North Fork Bank ― Meeting at Midnight as Schroeder, he was working with Benton & Morgan to break Carl Miller out of jail ― Dead Cold Cash as Ben Casper, the attorney for Sara Caruthers ― The Wyoming Story part 1 & 2 as Ross, the Henchman for Forbes McKee the Indian Agent ― The Journey Back as Will Carney, he was looking for revenge for his brother's death ― Squeeze Play as Dave Rankin, the heavy for Willard Prescott.
Gee how many times did John Anderson star in The Rifleman?  Who appeared in the most episodes Chris Alcaide or John Anderson? How about John Milford?

Herbert Rudley appeared in two episodes ― The Indian as Gorman, the Indian hater ― A Case of Identity as Captain Jerry Gordon, he's the guy who was trying to pass off Mark as Aaron Wingate's son.

Rhys Williams appeared as Doc Burrage in six episodes ― Blood BrotherBloodlinesLetter of the LawA Case of IdentitySins of the FatherThe Prodigal.
There were two doctors before Doc Burrage although neither of them were ever named or given credit. Those two episodes were The Sharpshooter and The Marshal. In End of a Young Gun Lucas told Hank he would go get Doc Sedley? Doc Burrage was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Pet.
Doc Burrage was a regular character ~ how many different actors played Doc Burrage?  Can you name them?

Jim Breneman played Dollar Ten. Couldn't find anything on him.

Michael Jeffers appeared in five episodesThe Blowout as the diner proprietor The Coward as a barfly ― Mail Order Groom as the hotel clerk ― A Case of Identity as one of the townsmen ― Lou Mallory as one of the cowboys helping Lou get her hotel in order.

Russell Custer appeared seven times ― None So Blind as a Townsman ― Woman from Hog Ridge as a Townsman ― The Lariat as a Gambler ― The Vision as a Cowhand  ― Panic as a Townsman ― The Jailbird as a Townsman ― A Case of Identity as a Townsman.

Les Raymaster has appeared in seven episodes Duel of Honor as a Barfly ― The Coward as a townsman Honest Abe as a townsman Nora as a townsman A Case of Identity  as a townsman The Lariat as a gambler ― Dead Cold Cash as a townsman.

John Rice appeared in a total of eight episodes, seven episodes as a Townsman and one as a barfly. Day of the HunterA Case of IdentityThe FourflusherThe PromoterMiss Bertie as a barfly ― The Wyoming StoryFace of Yesterday - Anvil Chorus.

Whitey Hughes was a well known and respected stuntman, he appeared in twenty-seven episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.  Whitey had over a 50-year career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has been praised as one of the top stuntman in Hollywood.  Whitey was the best of the best!

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