All American 
Cowboy Cookbook

Cowboy's Grace
Baxter Black

Dear Lord,

Yer lookin' at a man who never learned to cook,
unless you count pork and beans.
And a flowery grace like you'd read in a book,
is really beyond my means.

But you can believe I'm a a thankful man
though it might be undeserved.

And I'll eat whatever comes out of the pan,
no matter what's bein' served.

I don't take it lightly if it's real good,
'cause I'd eat it anyway.
See I know there's people, in all likelihood,
that might not eat today.

So count me in if yer needin' grace said.
and bless those who provide it.
The farmers and ranchers, the bakers of bread,
the loving hands that fried it.

But most of all, Lord, we give thanks to You,
'cause we who work on the land,
Know how much our harvest and bounty is due
to the gainful touch of Yer hand.

So bless this food and the life we embrace,
and please forgive us our pride.
When others with tables a-plenty say grace,
for what we've helped You provide.

Copyright 1994, Baxter Black


*Here's the only recipe that I remember my father really liking when I was growing up.  He was a big breakfast lover, and my mother used to fix these eggs often for him.  When John "Duke" Wayne was staying at our house in the early 40's, he really enjoyed them too.    ~Marilyn Carey 

I met actor Robert Fuller at the Festival of the West in 2006 and had him sign my cookbook.  He had a recipe in the cookbook for Laramie Grape-Fed Quail, page 155.  He asked me if I tried his recipe, of course I had not.  He said it's really good!

This Cowboy Cookbook is a lot of fun.  This book includes 255 pages of recipes & pictures of many of our favorite cowboys & cowgirls.  There's a lot of piddlin' stuff..... in it.  For example:  The tallest man to star in a TV western series was James Arness at 6' 7".  Then came Chuck Connors at 6' 5½", and Fess Parker and Clint Walker tied for third at 6' 5".

Thanks Lucasboy for this "Cowboy Cookbook"
Check out this picture of lil'l rifleman  ~ Lucasboy,  when he was a young in' with his "flip special" rifle. 

To the great American cowboy.  May he long ride the range.

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