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Eileen Harley as Claire Wheatley Carney, Claire was an old friend of Margaret's and married to The Retired Gun.

Exclusive in Your City  ― Relieved Wife -- Claire Wheatley Carney (Eileen Harley) gratefully embraces Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) after he saves her husband's life in The Retired Gun on The Rifleman Tuesday night, January 20, over ABC TV.

The Hangman ― Amanda Ames as Myrtle, owner of the Feed & Grain Store

The Silent Knife ― Amanda Ames as Myrtle, owner of the Hardware Store

The Executioner ― Amanda Ames as Ruth the Waitress

Who played Joe Lovering's wife in Short Rope for a Tall Man?

No credit given

Was it Amanda Ames or was it Eileen Harley?

So how did Wallace Earl Laven get all these different names? 

Here is an explanation from Barbara Laven, daughter of Wallace & Arnold Laven:

My mother, Wallace Earl Laven, née Sparks, was an actor, dancer, singer, and, in later years, a student film maker.  She was also the wife of my father, the late Arnold Laven, of Levy, Gardner, Laven, the production company that owns The Rifleman.  My mother tried out two stage names early in her career, "Eileen Harley" and "Amanda Ames."
"Eileen" was the name of a childhood friend. "Amanda" was the name of one her closest friends in her early ad.  They were both professional dancers, and in a lot of movie musicals together.  "Ames" was the name she thought sounded  best with "Amanda." Later, she began using "Amanda Harley," which is the stage name she used the rest of her career.  She choose the name "Harley" because it is a real family name, on her mother's side. (It can be traced back to an ancestor named Harley who was the English doctor that "Harley Street" is named after in London.  From the 19th century on through to today, "Harley Street" is where expensive London doctors, many of them specialists and surgeons, have their practices.)  My mother did have a step sister whom she didn't know about until she was in her mid thirties, and whom she never met in person. Her step sister lived in Miami, Florida, where my mother was born, and I believe her step sister was a nurse. Her name wasn't "Rachael Ames," though.  Finally, I'm afraid  there are no Foulgers in our family. ~Barbara Laven 3/11/12 — Thanks Barbara!

Wally guest starred in many television shows ― Arrest and Trial with Chuck Connors ― Ironside ― Police Woman ― The Rockford Files ― Hardcastle and McCormick ― The Donna Reed Show ― Dr. Kildare ― Marcus Welby, M.D. ― Gunsmoke ― The Greatest American Hero ― Hill Street Blues ― Ten Speed and Brown Shoe ― The Six Million Dollar Man ― Planet of the Apes.

Wally also appeared in several films: Blue Astaire ― Clambake with Elvis Presley

Rough Night in Jericho ― The Monster That Challenged the World ― Geronimo (with Chuck Connors)
were all directed by her husband
Arnold Laven of Levy, Gardner & Laven Productions.

Birth Name: Amanda Foulger
Wallace Earl Sparks Laven was born on June 27, 1926 in Florida
Died on February 27, 2012 in California
She was 85

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