The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

The Angry Man
Episode 31

Before I start this story, I should make clear that I’m a man who doesn’t normally interfere with how other people raise their children.  I don’t want someone coming in and telling me how to raise mine, so I should haveThe Rifleman - The Angry Man - Episode 31 the same respect for others. However, when I see a child being mistreated and his life endangered because of a parent’s negligence, I feel it’s only my duty, as a parent, to protect that child. I simply do it out of love for both the parent and child.

You see, there was this man named Abel MacDonald who had a son named Carey. Well, one day Carey…okay, maybe I should start with how I met them…

Mark and I were hunting on our property one day. We were tracking a deer. I had him in my sights. The deer had stopped to rest down in a valley. As we looked at him, Mark smiled. “Boy, he’s a beauty!” he stated. I had a perfect shot. I picked up my rifle, cocked it, and started to aim it. Suddenly, Mark said, “Easy pa. You don’t wanta miss.”

I hesitated for a moment and just stared at my young son. Just who did he think I was??? That moments hesitation was enough to miss my perfect shot. We watched the deer scurry away. We walked deeper onto the range and were about to pass off my property. Before doing so, we came to a sign that read, “Stay off this property or get shot! Abel MacDonald.” We’d never heard of the name before, and I knew this was government land, so we ignored the sign and moved on.

But boy did I get a nice welcoming when we got to the top of the hill. A man and his son were sitting on their horses. The man was holding a shotgun on us! His greeting words to me were enough to freeze me in my tracks. “Can’t you read, mister? That sign says stay off my property or get shot! Now, I’m giving you two just ten seconds to get back up that gully or I’m gonna pull both these triggers at the same time!”

Well, I was trying to let this scene sink in. I hadn’t even had a chance to figure out exactly what was going on when this man was suddenly talking again. "Maybe you don't hear so good, Mister! I said ten seconds!" Had it really been ten seconds???

Mark didn’t need to hear anymore. He was ready to go. But I wasn’t. I wanted to get to the bottom of the reason a stranger had pulled a gun on me and my son! I wanted to know if he was going to shoot us in cold blood if we didn’t leave. He confirmed my suspicions – he was Able MacDonald – the subject of my latest story!

“How come you got the right to chase people off government land?” I demanded to know. That’s when he delivered a piece of shocking news. He had just signed the homestead papers for the land that very morning!
Now, I’m a pretty friendly and hospitable man, so naturally I wanted to forgive and forget the misunderstanding. So I smiled in understanding and introduced myself. “Well, then I guess that makes us neighbors!” I announced. “I’m Lucas McCain. I own the property right next to you.”

Well, this man was quick to inform me that he had no neighbors. He stated that he and his son wanted to be left alone. I could tell something had made him really bitter! “We don’t want to be bothered by anybody. That’s why we put that sign up!” he stated.

By “we,” I could tell he meant “he.” Mark had taken a liken to Carey, and Carey to Mark. I doubted the boy had any say in this matter!
Mr. MacDonald made it plain to me that I was to stay out of there. I tried again to explain I was no threat, but he didn’t want to hear it. So I simply told Mark it was time to go and rode off his homestead. This man was angry! He continued yelling at us as we rode away. "Stay off my property! Do your hunting some place else."

Well, that was the start of our relationship, but that wasn’t the main problem as you’ll soon find out. In the mean time, Mark and I went back to the ranch to fix supper. As Mark was getting cleaned up and I was cooking the stew, Mark was trying to figure out why Mr. MacDonald was the way he was. Honestly, I didn’t know the answer to this question, but I knew that Mark needed an answer. So, to stall for more time to think, I asked Mark what he meant. Then I gave my answer it’s best shot. “Lots of things happen to turn a man,” I tried to explain. “Run of bad luck, maybe.”

Of course, Mark had more questions. But questions were good – that’s how you learn! He wondered if MacDonald could ever be friendly. “Well, no one can shut himself off the way he’s trying to do, especially with that boy of his. I think if we just let a little time pass, let him get settled over there, He’ll come around.” At least I was hoping! I’d hate to think that my neighbor would be this angry for years to come.

Mark hoped he’d come around because there weren’t any other boys his age close around, and he would love to have a friend nearby. Suddenly, Mark got all excited and said, “Say, maybe we could ride to school together!” I told him maybe after he got to know him better. “School’s the best place for that! Especially when you gotta sit near ‘em all day.” Mark answered. Funny, I always thought school was to learn!

That was enough talking on that subject. I was hungry and wanted to sit down with some of my delicious beef stew!

The next day, Mark came riding in from school. I hurried over to greet him as I always did and asked him if Carey had shown up that day. Mark said no. “I asked the teacher and she said she didn’t even know there was a new boy in town!” Mark stated.

That concerned me a little. I hated to see a child not getting the proper education that was needed now days. “Mmm….I wonder if Mr. MacDonald knows we have a school in North Fork.” Being on the school board, I decided to ride over and tell him. As a nice gesture, I thought I’d bring him over a bag of seed corn as well. I turned to get ready to leave, but then I turned back to my son. “And you,” I pointed straight at him. “Do your homework.” I said this sternly.

I knew Mark had a tendency of putting such things like homework off, which often caused a small battle later. Mark gave me a frowny face, sorry I had remembered to remind him of this. I smiled as he rode off.

I rode over to MacDonald’s house and found him making some repairs. My greeting was friendly enough. "Good afternoon Mr. MacDonald."
He started right in where he left off with me. "I thought I told you to stay clear of my place," Mr. MacDonald said hatefully. “Now, I’ve got my gun just inside this door!”

Man, but this guy had an attitude! I immediately told him to simmer down. “This is a friendly visit.” Then with a friendly smile and a happy voice, I said, “I brought you a sack of seed.” I put the sack on the ground.

But he was still at it. “I don’t want no visits, friendly or otherwise!” I couldn’t believe this guy! “Now, do I have to get that gun?”

“Will you forget about your gun for a minute?” I was still trying to be nice to him. “I came over to tell you something you may not know. Now, hear me out, then I’ll leave.” Though he still had an unfriendly voice, he allowed me to talk. “Well, you’ve been here for some time now, and Mark tells me Carey hasn’t been to school yet. I thought you’d like to know we do have a school in North Fork. It’s got a fine teacher, plenty of good study books.”

“He ain’t gonna go to no school!” MacDonald suddenly stated. “I’m teaching him all he needs to know!”

I couldn’t help myself! “What right does a man have to deny his son an education?” I muttered. I knew it took a good education now days to make it, and I couldn’t stand watching a boy not getting that opportunity – especially when it was available.

“I got every right. Now, if that’s all you have to say, get moving!” MacDonald ordered me.

Well, there was nothing I could do. He wasn’t breaking any law by keeping his son from school. So I left it alone. “All right, MacDonald.” I started to leave, but the fact that Carey wasn’t being allowed to attend school really ate at me. I just couldn’t leave something this important alone. I was a father too and knew it was a parent’s responsibility to make sure a child is started on the right foot. So, I turned back to him. I pointed my finger at the seed. “You plant that seed properly, it’ll grow. You plant it wrong, it’ll be worthless. Remember that. And remember one more thing. Every boy needs a proper education. Without it, he’s no better off then that seed.” Then I left.
Though this may sound like the heart of my problem with MacDonald, it was soon about to get worse – much worse. But it’s not quite time to talk about that part yet. First, I need to tell you about what led up to my final straw. You see, one day Mark was out rounding up a stray calf. He had been looking for that thing all morning and finally found it on the MacDonald land stuck in a bush. So, Mark got off his horse to help his little friend.

While doing this, Carey rode up. Mark was excited because this was an opportunity he had been waiting for – to finally meet this neighbor boy. Smiling, Mark walked up to him and they struck up a conversation. His father was out cutting wood and had sent Carey away because he was bothering him. Because he didn’t seem like the independent type, Mark was surprised that he was allowed to ride off by himself. Mark took this as an opportunity to talk. He sat down in the grass and invited Carey to do the same, which he did.

The boys got to talking and just doing boy stuff. They took turns throwing a knife at a tree while Carey talked about his mother. After his mother had gotten sick, his pa had had to give up the ranch. “Pa said the doctors took all our money. Anyhow, that’s why we moved west,” Carey explained. Mark wanted to know where his ma was now. “We buried her. We were in a place called Wagon Mound. Gosh, everyone was sick there. Some sort of plague or something. Anyhow, ma got sicker and then she died.” Mark could tell that this news still upset Carey very much.

That story reminded Mark of Margaret’s death. “That sort of makes us even, I guess," said Mark. "I meanThe Rifleman - The Angry Man - Episode 31 both of us living with our Pas the way we do."

I think that was the first indication of how hard things were for Carey having a father who was angry all the time – who yelled at him and was hateful to others. “Yep. Except it’s different with you,” Carey stated sadly. “Your pa, I mean. He’s not like mine. Mine’s…well, you know…it’s on the count of ma, I guess. Says it’s people’s fault. People taking our ranch away, people getting’ sick, people always bothering him. Pa don’t like people. Especially doctors.”

Some of Mark’s happy nature had left him. This news bothered him very much. He had always had a loving father, and now he was faced with the reality that not all children are lucky enough to have a father emotionally survive the death of his wife. I think Mark was realizing just how lucky he was. He didn’t feel like playing with the knife anymore. He thought for a second, then started to suggest they go swimming.

But then MacDonald came up.  As usual, he was in his unfriendly mood! The boys jumped up and Carey knew his father would be upset. And he was. “What are you doing there with him?” MacDonald asked his son in his usual hateful voice.

“We’re just talking, pa. That’s all,” Carey stated innocently.
“That’s all, huh? Go on home!” Then MacDonald rode up to my son. “What are you doing on my property? Get off.” Not only did he like to yell at grown men and his own child, but he was also taking his anger out on my son!
Mark was more than willing to get off his property. He didn’t care for this man too much. But he wasn’t about to leave that calf. “You leave it where it is!” MacDonald demanded.

“But it belongs to me,” Mark stated bravely. “I mean it’s pa’s and mine!”

“I don’t see no brand on it,” MacDonald stated as he looked at the calf. Mark explained that I was going to brand it in a week, but MacDonald didn’t want to hear anymore. He again demanded that Mark get off his property. Mark turned to get his calf, but thought better of it. He decided he’d rather I deal with this matter, so he jumped on his horse and raced to the ranch to tell me.

Now, what Carey told Mark played a big part in my dilemma as a parent, but I wasn’t aware of this problem yet. After Mark told me what happened, I was saddling my horse so we could ride over together and get the calf. Mark was concerned about what I would do, and I assured him MacDonald was no cattle rustler, but it was still a serious offense to take another man’s calf. I was getting upset with this man, especially his talking to my son the way he did!

Suddenly, Mark said, “Pa, me and Carey had a talk. I think there’s something you need to know about MacDonald.”

I didn’t have time to listen, nor did I think at the time the conversation was any of my business. “Look, there’s only one thing I know. He’s got our calf and I’m going to get him back,” I stated sternly as I looked into Mark’s eyes.

Mark knew I was telling him it was none of my business. If I hadn’t been so upset, perhaps I would have seen that he really was upset by the news and thought I needed to know. As it is, I quickly told me he could tell me on the way over if he really felt he needed to. But he didn’t tell me.

When we were almost there, I stopped to reflect and consider how I was going to handle this situation. Mark knew I was upset and could loose my temper, so he tenderly said, “Remember when you told me once, pa, that after well…after ma passed on, you kind of felt like the whole world was against you and it took a heap of doing to bring you around?”

That simmered me down. I didn’t know anything about the conversation Mark had had with Carey, but I was beginning to realize that must have been part of their trouble. Since I had been through that situation, I remembered how angry I was after my wife’s death. So I smiled at my son, thankful for the reminder. “Yeah I remember, son. The good book says you can’t stop doing either, does it? And I reckon I haven’t even started!” With that thought in mind, we headed down to talk to MacDonald, my temper no longer flaring. My boy always manages to soften me up!

MacDonald wasn’t happy to see me.  He had a rope around my calf and wanted to know what I wanted. So in the friendliest voice I could muster, I stated, “Well, I came for my calf, Mr. MacDonald.” MacDonald was quick to point out to me that my calf was on his property and it had no brand.

I gently explained I was going to get to it in a few days. I quickly changed the subject before he could argue. It was time for me to do the “doing” like my son had suggested. “I understand you bought some cattle from Oat Jackford. Well, we’re gonna be neighbors for a long time. To get you started on the right foot with the proper blood line, I’d be very happy to lend you my best breeding bull for awhile.”

This caught MacDonald off guard. I don’t think he was expecting me to return his hatred with a favor. “You mean you’d be willing to-“ he started. But then he remembered he was supposed to be hateful instead. “Oh now, you don’t fool me with that trick!” he stated.

“It’s no trick, MacDonald. I’m only offering to-“ I started. Some of the anger had returned to my voice. The Rifleman - The Angry Man - Episode 31I couldn’t help it, but this man had a lot of anger in his heart and it made me mad that he was taking it out on us!

“I know what you’re offering, and I ain’t taking!” He stated. “There’s your calf! It appears I ain’t getting through to you, McCain, about staying away from this place. So come next week, I’m building a fence around this place. And I’m building it with barbed wire!”

That made me very angry! I had tried my hardest to be nice to this man. "Barbed wire?” I repeated. I pointed my finger at him. “That does it! Now I'm telling you, if you string devil wire on this range, you'll really know what trouble is," Then Mark and I rode off. I was indeed angry and would no longer going to try to be friendly with this man!

One week later, Mark and I rode to the edge of our property to see if MacDonald had really meant what he said. We saw him building the fence with barbed wire. Actually, he had hired men to do it for me. And as usual, he was being hateful, telling them they weren’t building it fast enough. As soon as we rode up, MacDonald asked me what we wanted this time. “Well, I just came up to see if you meant it,” I explained. Then I looked at the fence and said, ‘And I guess you did.”

“That’s right, I did. Now, if that’s all you had in mind-“
But I interrupted the angry man before he got started. “If you’re fixing to tell us to leave, MacDonald, you’ll notice we’re on our own property. That fence of yours makes a pretty good dividing line.”

But MacDonald wanted to make sure I understood the real purpose for the fence. “It serves notice to one and all that I’m a man that don’t want to be bothered!” I had already gotten that point!

But I didn’t want barbed wire. My animals could get hurt. I started to explain about the damaged barbed wire could cause when Mark and Carey started waving at each other. I had no problem with it, but it infuriated MacDonald! He suddenly started yelling at his son to move to the other side of the wagon.

Well, Carey started back his horse up. I saw what was about to happen and tried to yell out a warning for Carey to watch the barbed wire. But I was too late. All I could do was watch in horror as Carey’s horse tripped over the spool of wire. The horse reared back and Carey flew off the horse, straight onto the barbed wire fence! I jumped off my horse and stared in horror as MacDonald and the men carefully loaded Carey into the buckboard.

Mark was horrified and saddened that this happened. I’m not sure if I was trying to reassure him or myself, but I said, “Well, Carey’s hurt pretty bad, but with some good doctoring, I think he’ll be all right.”

Now, here comes the part where my dilemma as a parent starts to unfold. Because no sooner were the words out of my mouth when Mark told me a very disturbing truth. "That's just it," he said, concerned. "I started to tell you about Mr. MacDonald.  I don't think he'll take Carey to a doctor. Mr. MacDonald's wife died some years ago, and he blamed it on the doctors. He won’t have nothing to do with doctors now!"

This news disturbed me very much! “That boy’s hurt his head. And those barbed wire cuts…it’s courtin’ blood poison! Well, I’ll go get Doc Burge myself! Carey’s gonna have the proper treatment rather MacDonald likes it or not!” I stated without hesitation. I couldn’t worry about hurting this man’s feelings right now. All I could think about is what if it was Mark lying there? I’d move heaven and earth to get him a doctor. This child was an innocent victim of this man’s anger, and I wasn’t going to stand by and watch him die!

Well, this was easier said then done! Doc Burge came out to my ranch later that night to report he could not get inside MacDonald’s house to help Carey. This frustrated me! I asked him to try one more time, but he refused. “Maybe in a day or so. Of course, by that time, the boy will probably be dead if he’s hurt as bad as you said.” I wasn’t happy about that and the doc could tell. He wanted me to understand his position. “Let me tell you something, Lucas. There’s nothing in the doctor’s code says I have to go up against a shotgun in the hands of a wild man! He took a shot at us tonight, and that’s enough for me. Thank goodness he missed.” I was only half listening. I felt so sorry for that boy. I was actually saddened by the events that had unfolded. I had to do something!

“You think I’m a coward, don’t ya'?” Doc Burge finally stated. I looked up at him at that. I never meant to give that impression! “Well, maybe I am. I’m the only medical man around here for 200 miles. I’ve got a lot of people to take care of. Now, where would they be if I went out and got myself killed?”
I knew he was right. He had done the best he could. I slapped my hands together in pure frustration! That boy could not die! That’s all I knew. I had to do something! As I thought about this, the doctor got ready to leave. “I can tell this doesn’t sit well with you. You be careful,” he warned.

He was right. And I knew what I had to do. This is the part of the story I’ve been leading up to. I had to do something. I was putting a plan together in my head when Mark came up and said, “You can’t just let him die!”
He echoed my thoughts. He was right. I can’t let him die. I would die fighting for that boy if I had to! “He’s not gonna die, son,” I declared quietly. “Go get some blankets.” We got the wagon ready and silently drove to the MacDonald house. There were lights burning in the window, so I knew he was in there caring for Carey. I snuck up to the house and peaked into the window. I saw him. He had wrapped some bandages around Carey’s wounds and was nursing him with wet compresses. Carey was unconscious, and that was enough to worry me!

When I was on the porch near the front door, I silently motioned for Mark to drive the wagon up. He did, and MacDonald heard the approaching wagon. He immediately grabbed his shotgun and rushed out the door to see who was bothering him this time. I was standing on the other side of the door, just waiting for this opportunity. Suddenly, I reached around him and grabbed his shot gun. I emptied the bullets out of the gun. “I’m taking that boy into see Dr. Burge!” I declared.

This angered MacDonald and he came charging at me. The last thing I wanted was violence! I tried to tell him to wait, but he immediately started punching me. I had to fight back – that was the only way I could get Carey to the help he so desperately needed! At first, I simply tried to block his punches, hoping his anger would burn off, but he began punching me harder. I reared back and punched him hard twice. The second one knocked him out.
I just stared at him for a moment while I caught my breath. I couldn’t believe it had come to this! I had to knock this man out to save his son! Thinking about it broke my heart. Quickly, I turned to Mark and told him to get the blankets ready. Then I walked into the house and gently picked Carrey up. With him safely in my arms, I carefully laid him in the back of the wagon. I told Mark to ride back there with him. Then I drove to Dr. Burge’s office.

I was hoping the worst part was over. I had punched out the father to get the son help. How much worse could it get? But as you’ll find out in a moment, It does get worse.

I did manage to get safely get Carey into Dr. Burge’s office. Dr. Burge had gotten him properly bandaged and stated, “The way this boy was bandaged, it wouldn’t have taken any time at all for infection to set in. I just don’t understand how some people can…” he couldn’t even finish the thought. We were all frustrated overThe Rifleman - The Angry Man - Episode 31 the situation!

Mark wanted to know he was going to be okay. He practically begged for reassurance, but Dr. Burge couldn’t give that to him. I asked the doc to let Carey stay there. I knew there was no other choice.

Suddenly, I heard MacDonald outside. He was yelling for me and stated he wanted his son. I knew there would be more trouble. I grabbed my rifle to go out the door. Dr. Burge stopped me, very worried about what would happen next. “Lucas, don’t be a fool!” he insisted.

But I had to put this boy’s life first. “That boy’s not moving until you say so, doc!” I stated. Then I went outside to face MacDonald and try to talk some sense into him.

MacDonald pointed the shotgun at me the moment I walked out the door and ordered me out of the way. “Listen MacDonald, you wanta pull that trigger, go ahead.” I cocked my rifle. “Maybe I’ll get a shot off too. Then one of us or both of us will be dead. What’ll that prove? One of us or both of us will leave those boys behind. What’s gonna happen to them? Will you take care of my boy? Will I take care of yours? You tell me, what’s it going to prove?”

MacDonald just stared at me. “I want my boy!”

I never intended to take his boy from him. “You’ll get him, but not till Dr. Burge says so!”

“Because of doctors, I lost my wife, my home…everything!” MacDonald shouted. “I’m not gonna loose my boy!”

It was time for this man to face reality! “I lost my wife once and everything I had. Right now my boy’s my whole life. Just like yours is to you. You want to destroy him?”

“You don’t understand! You don’t know!”

But I did understand! Why couldn’t he see that? “Oh, don’t tell me I don’t know!” I shot back angrily. “I’ve been through the same thing myself, I tell ya'! You’re not alone! You can’t blame the doctors! It happens to people every day. It’s life. It’s a part of living, MacDonald. It would be a pretty sorry world if everybody turned their back on it the way you’re doing.”

I tried to turn his attention to the boy – to make him see who was being hurt through his selfish anger. “What about your boy? Don’t you think he’s got any feelings?” I stepped off the porch and came towards him. I shook my hand at him. “Do you think he wants to live the kind of life you’re setting up for him? Give him a chance, MacDonald! Be a father to him!”

My moving away gave MacDonald clear view of what was going on inside the doctor’s office. The sight he saw humbled him more then my words did. My boy was kneeling down next to the bed, his hands were folded, and he was praying desperately for his dear friend. The scene moved me. A father loves to see such tenderness expressed by his child.

But most importantly, the scene moved Abel so much. He had to voice what he saw. After the way he had treated us, we loved his son. “He-he’s praying!” MacDonald gasped. Abel handed me his shotgun and walked up onto the porch. Dr. Burge had been on his way outside. Abel wasn’t quite ready to let go of his anger yet. So he stated once more, “Carey’s gonna be all right, doc! I’ll take care of him. I’ll make him well!”

That’s when Doc Burge put the truth to him. “Let me tell you something, MacDonald. Those cuts and scratches Carey had weren’t so bad. But they would’ve been with the dirty bandages you had on him. The important thing is that your boy’s got a busted head – a fractured skull-“ Abel gasped. He had no idea it was so bad.

“You didn’t know that did ya'? If it hadn’t been for Lucas…if you had kept that boy out there at your place, the only prayers he’d get were when you put him in the ground. A man like you…you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. It’s about time you realized it.”

I watched what was left of his fight leave him then. Carey was waking up, and he was happy to see Mark. Mark smiled in great relief, knowing his friend would be okay.

Abel, Carey’s father, slowly walked in to see his son. Carey assured his father he would be okay. Abel was at a loss for words. All he could do is look at the love surrounding him, then smile down at his son.  “For now on, both of us are going to be all right!” These words made Carey happy.

We all knew they would make it. Doc voiced what we were all feeling. “Amen,” he said.

Carey did recover. The day came for him to start school. Mark was so excited that morning that he could hardly wait to get to school. He had his horse saddled and was sitting on it, just waiting for his friend to show up. When he did, they raced off together toward the school. I had to shake my head. Never in my life did I ever think my boy would be so excited about school! I told MacDonald as much.

Now that his anger was gone, he was turning out to be a true friend, and one I could call a good neighbor. Suddenly, Abel had an announcement. "Lucas, I got a job to do, I'm gonna need some help. I wanna knock down my fence!”

I stopped him right there! "Oh no you don't!”
Abel was surprised after the big fit I threw earlier about the fence. In fact, he proceeded to remind me of my words. "Why not, you said-"
But before MacDonald could finish, I made my confession. "I know what I said. But I found out that the fence isn't so bad. The first time I don’t want my cows out, I don’t  have to go chasing all over for them. I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll help you build a gate in it from your property to mine, a big gate.” I wanted to show him that he was truly my friend. I wanted us to have a mutual trust, and I knew building a big gate would take care of some of the blockage the fence had managed to put between us.

Abel was very happy about this. "Lucas, you got a deal,” Abel proclaimed.

I was anxious to get started. "Let's go in the barn and see if I got the material.

But again, Abel stopped me. It was his turn to extend his friendship to me. "First, how about inviting a neighbor in for a cup of coffee?" He smiled a big, genuine smile.

I smiled back. "Sure come on."

And that is what a father’s love is all about!

piddlin' stuff.....George Matthews played Abel MacDonald as Lucas' neighbor and Carey's father.

Kim Charney played Carey MacDonald as Abel's son and the boy who got caught up in the bard wire.

Edgar Buchanan appeared in six episodes.  Five episodes as Doc Burrage ― The PetThe Second WitnessThe TradeThe Deadly WaitThe Angry Man and as Grandpa Fogarty in The Long Goodbye.
There were two doctors before Doc Burrage although neither of them were ever named or given credit.  Those two episodes were The Sharpshooter and The Marshal.  In End of a Young Gun Lucas told Hank he would go get Doc Sedley?  Doc Burrage was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Pet.The Rifleman - The Angry Man - Episode 31

Fritz Ford appeared in twenty episodes and still counting.  Besides acting in The Rifleman he was also a stunt double for Chuck Connors. 

Bob Woodward appeared in seven episodes ― The Young Englishman as a cowhand, the one with the rope ― The Safe Guard as the cowboy driving the wagon that is carrying the safe to North Fork ― The Sister as a stagecoach driver ― The Indian as a cowboy in the saloon ― Shivaree as one of the cowboys participating in the ShivareeThe Dead-eye Kid as the stagecoach driver ― The Angry Man as one of the cowboys who helped load Carey into the wagon.

*The sign reads "Stay off this property or get shot!" Abel McDonald. But in the credits their last name is spelled MacDonald. I chose to use the spelling on the credits.

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