The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

The Baby Sitter
Episode 52

I never know what kind of mess I’m going to get myself into next, the nice guy that I am; and never in a million years did I ever think I’d find myself in such a predicament I happened to fall iThe Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52nto in this episode!

It all started innocently enough. I was simply milking the cow in the barn. That’s a pretty routine thing, right…ah, but remember: my name is Lucas McCain. If there’s a problem in North Fork, somehow, I always get involved! Mark walked into the barn while I was milking the cow and handed me his cup. “There’s nothing like fresh milk!” He proclaimed.

I laughed. “It couldn’t be any fresher right out of the faucet, son.” I filled his cup and handed it back to him.

Suddenly, there was a big man standing in the doorway. He stretched himself out – taking up the entire doorway. I’m sure he was quite scary looking to Mark, and Mark was probably pretty happy to have me there. He got my attention and I looked up at him.

"When it comes to fresh milk, I'm quicker than a hound with a bean pot," the stranger commented.

I dipped another cup of milk for the stranger. “You dry?” I asked with a smile.

“Dry? Friend, I’m sand in my shoes!” I handed him the cup of milk and he gulped it down quickly. He sure was messy, I’d give him that. I think half of it dribbled down his chin into his beard and all over the front of his shirt! Mark offered him another and he obliged. “You know, the good Lord must love grass,” he suddenly stated. “He put cows on this earth to eat it and mortal humans on this earth to enjoy the results from the combination!” I laughed. I never thought of it that way.
He gulped the second cup down. “Well sir, if you’ll allow a mule skinner to earn his keep.” He motioned toward the cow. I sure wasn’t going to stop him! Mark and I sat down next to each other, watching him work.

As he started milking, we learned that his name was Wood Bartell and he was headed toward North Fork. When I asked him if it was for business or pleasure, he stated, “Neither. I’m a figure of ridicule. I’m a husband who’s been looking for a wife who can’t stand the sight of him.”

He asked me if I’d seen or heard about a woman named Leona Bartell. The name didn’t mean anything to me. “Well, she wouldn’t be using my name. She quit that when she quit me. She’d be calling herself Leona Pickford again.”

As soon as I heard that name, triggers went off in my head. I did know that name. Even Mark had heard of that name. He started to say something, but I quickly hushed him. I wanted to find out more before saying anything about knowing her. Something told me that there was a good reason she was running from him. He’d been following her for three months from one town to another. “Sooner or later I’ll catch up. And when I do, she’ll remember the day!” he declared. Again, something didn’t feel right here.

As he climbed up into the wagon, I said, “Sounds like you didn’t loose much, Bartell. Or maybe you still care for her.” I was fishing for information. He gave me some.

“Care for her? I don't care about her. I've washed my hands of that jezebel. Outside of chastisement, there’s nothing I have left to offer her. I’ve followed her to get back my own – the babe, my daughter. I will not have this small one follow in the footsteps of her mother." I stared at him as he rode away. Now I really did need to find out what was going on. That man didn’t seem right to me.

After he rode away, Mark told me he remembered some distant kin with the last name of Pickford living in Jackass Meadows. That’s exactly what I was thinking of. I told Mark to take care of the milk. I had to ride into town to find out if it was indeed the same Leona Pickford I remembered.

Upon my arrival, I went straight to the hotel. I questioned Elizabeth, the clerk at the hotel, about Leona Bartell. She said there was a Leona Pickford. She gave me her room number, but stated that she was working at the Last Chance and has been for a week now. “You oughta come in more often and keep track of things!” Liz declared. I smiled as I left.

As I walked out of the hotel, I could hear the sound of a woman’s singing coming from the saloon.
(Hear Phyllis Avery sing "Dance with a Dolly with a hole in her Stocking")

(*Please note..... when clicking on the link to this sound wav - it will download to your computer.)

I started over, but suddenly saw Bartell walking in. I was too late. He had found her before I got to her! I sighed, knowing there would be trouble. But, I decided not to make my presence known just yet.

Leona was singing.  Everyone in the saloon was listening to her beautiful voice. But then it stopped. She saw her husband standing in the doorway and she was suddenly afraid. "Thought I'd find you in some sink of iniquity if I looked long enough and strong enough. Having one stThe Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52ation at the abominations of Egypt, you couldn't leave 'em alone could you?" 

 "I don't know about Egypt Mister, but around here we're short on abominations," Sweeney stated, jumping to her defense.

She told him she was just singing. “Why don’t you sing it to him?” Bartell suddenly asked. Suddenly, Sweeny demanded him out of the saloon. But Bartell was used to getting his own way and he turned and struck Sweeny with the whip that he carried with him. Leona used this chance to sneak out of the saloon.

I was standing at the doors watching. I left after I saw her sneak out. “Be still, publican!” Bartell shouted. “I want no interference when I address my wife!” He was so pathetic that the cowboys started laughing. While they were laughing, he turned to realize that she was gone.

Leona was very upset. She ran back to her room and began packing. Liz was in there with her trying to calm her down. She reminded Leona that the stage to San Francisco didn’t leave until the next afternoon. “He’s bound to find me,” she stated as she looked down at her daughter. “Find us.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She was afraid, fearing it was her overbearing husband there to take her daughter. But it was only me. I came in and smiled as I greeted her. She was confused, not recognizing me at first. But then Liz said hi to me and called me Lucas. “Lucas McCain!” she suddenly exclaimed. She was happy to see me. I told her I saw her at the saloon. “Then you must have seen Wood.”

There was something I had to know. “Look Leona, I don’t mean to pry, but how did you happen to marry him?” I couldn’t imagine a nice girl like her ending up with such a man!

She told me everything. "I was singing in a place down Fort Worth. Same kind of an act I'm doing here. He came in kind, big and brawny, but quiet and clean. Talked real soft to me. He talked about loneliness, about love, family, work and devotion. He talked about everything except what was on his mind. To confer salvation on what he thought was about the worst kind of a woman he could dig up. Then when the baby came, he decided she was the one that needed to be saved. I decided the only kind of savin' we needed was from him. So I ran. I got as far as here and ran out of money. Now he's come to take my little girl."

Liz suggested she leave the baby with her. But she knew that wouldn’t do any good. “He’ll watch me and he’ll search the hotel and search everywhere until he finds us. She was afraid for her baby. I felt bad for her. I couldn’t imagine a man like that raising a daughter – not when her mother was so loving and was doing all she could to keep her daughter safe!

Remember how I told you that I always end up in the middle of a problem? Well, here it goes: “Mr. McCain don’t live in town,” Liz stated with that look in her eye.
I tried to stop her. The last thing I wanted was to get involved in a babysitting job! “I don’t know anything about babies!” I stated. Mark was twelve years old! It had been many years since I had a baby to care for.

But Leona suddenly thought that was a terrific idea! She begged me…begged me to take the baby “just for tonight.” The wheels were turning in her head. She had it all figured out. She would tell Wood that she left the baby with friends in Texas. Then he’d get tired of looking around and leave. It sounded like a good plan. I was sure doing my best to get out of this, but it wasn’t easy saying no to a woman so desperate to keep her baby safe.

I grasped at anything I could find. “Leona, I can’t interfere between a husband and a wife!”

I stopped. Leona looked me straight in the eye and begged once more. I wondered how I always got mThe Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52yself into these things! I walked over to the baby. “Oh, she’d be safe enough out at the ranch alright, but I don’t know anymore about riding herd on this little slicker then she knows the price of cattle.” I touched her gently with my finger and she laughed. That sold me!

“She’s such a good baby! You’d hardly know she’s around!” I played with the baby. I should have never come near her. I never could resist a pretty face! “Feeding and changing’s all you’d have to do.” I suddenly looked at her. Then things sure have changed since Mark was a baby!

The baby laughed at me. Leona smiled sweetly at me. I was sold. Going, going gone! I laid down my hat and picked up the baby. Picking her up made me forget all the reasons this was a bad idea. “Commere, sweetheart!” I cooed at her.

Liz informed me that the stage would leave at 4:00 pm tomorrow. I assure Leona I’d personally put the baby in her arms then. I guess I was earning some points with the ladies tonight! The baby laughed and her mother kissed me! “Well, bye!” I stated as I turned to leave. But then I suddenly turned back around. Where was my head! “What about all the baby’s uh…you know… riggings an’ things?” I asked. The baby sure was cute sitting there in my arms.  I smiled at her. She turned and kissed me! I knew I always had a way with the ladies!

Leona handed me a whole pile of things! I walked out the door, happy to have this baby in my arms.

As I opened the door to our ranch house, Mark was sitting at the table reading a book. I think he was a bit frustrated that I had been gone all day, leaving him alone to take care of the chores all day! “Well, I’ll surely say you took your time, whatever your business was!” Did I detect a note of irritation in his voice?

But I hushed him. He immediately saw me holding the baby. You should have seen the look on his face! I’m guessing that he never expected me to walk inside with a baby in my arms!

Mark stood up and walked over to me. I smiled, holding that baby in my arms. Mark laid a hand on my shoulder. I think he was in deep shock. “Where’d you get the-“ he started.

“Well, it’s a baby!” I announced, as if he didn’t know what a baby was! Mark looked at her as the baby laughed and cooed. He took to her like I did. A big, wide smile suddenly came over Mark. It was love at first site for him…too! I smiled as I held her up for him to look at. She sure made us both real happy!

Meanwhile, in town at the hotel, there was a knock on Leona’s door. Wood walked in.  He could tell they were expecting someone. “You. You’re late!” Liz proclaimed.

He announced that he wanted his daughter. Leona informed him that she left the baby with friends in Wallace County. “Your words are as false as the color on your lips.” He demanded his child. He wouldn’t believe Leona or Liz when they told him she wasn’t here. They just wanted him to leave. “Once you said ‘Wherever though goest, there I go.’ It’s the other way around now. You’ll get no peace from me, Leona. The baby was with you in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and Sequa. She’s here now.” He went to the door and opened it. Turning, he stated, “I will find her!”

Mark came in from checking on the fire in the smokehouse. He said that tomorrow he’d pepper the hams and wrap them. I was holding the baby while fixing supper. Mark made an announcement that I didn’t know – the baby was crying. I hushed him. I’m not sure why, but he made a silly announcement anyhow. I was getting some bacon rind for her to chew on. I remembered something about that from when Mark was a baby. But Mark thought maybe she was still thirsty. “I’ll give her another pull,” he stated when he realized the bottle was still warm.

“She’s already had two!” I protested. That’s another thing I remembered from when Mark was a baby – what happened when they ate too much!
“Well, maybe she wants three,” Mark insisted as he went to sit down.

“Alright,” I gave in. “But I’m afraid her deck’s gonna be a wash!”

Mark sat in the chair, all ready for me to hand her over to him. I gently laid her in his arms and watched. She immediately took to the bottle, happy as could be. I laughed. “Looks like you got the right touch son,” I stated.

“Nothing to it!” That was easy for him to say!

I got a drawer and made a bed for her out of it. I wanted her close to us where we could keep an eye on her, so I sat her on the table while we ate. She was still sort of fussy. I suddenly remembered something else from when Mark was a baby. They had to be burped. I told Mark, “Well, after you feed them, you’re supposed to sling them over your shoulder and pack them around a little.” I picked her up and began patting her gently on the back. “Come on baby. Come on now. That’s the baby,” I said a few times as I walked around patting her. Suddenly, I heard it and smiled. Boy, I bet that made her feel a lot better!

Mark was shocked at what he heard! “Suppose she’s bloated?” Mark asked.

I knew he had several years toThe Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52 learn about babies. I can’t believe how much I actually remembered! “Well, she hasn’t had any green feed that I know of,” I teased him. “No, I think she’ll be okay now.” I started to lay her down, but suddenly felt wetness all over my hand. “Well, I guess it’s time to learn all about three corner britches!”

Mark looked really nervous all of a sudden! “I fed her!” He suddenly stated. Yeah, isn’t that the way of it? He wanted to help with feeding, but when it came to the dirty stuff, he steered clear! I told Mark to hand me one of the diapers. I got her all cleaned up and smelling good again.

I came to realize that we didn’t even know her name! I had plum forgot to ask in all the flutter of activity. “We oughta call her something besides ‘baby,’” Mark stated. Then he suggested Fancy.

“Fancy?” I thought for a moment. “Fancy it is!” Suddenly, she started crying. I told her she should get to sleep. I asked Mark if he knew of any lullabies for a baby girl. He thought for a minute and began singing “Cowboy Lullaby.”

(*Please be patient while this song loads, it may take a few seconds to load but is well worth the wait!
Please note..... when clicking on the link to this sound wav - it will download to your computer.)

♫ A bunch of jolly cowboys were taking it at ease.
Says one, I’ll tell you something boys if you will listen please
I am an old cow puncher, and here I’m dressed in rags
But I used to be a roughen and go on great big jags!

The whole time Mark was singing, I was loving on the baby. Boy, I could get used to this after a hard days work!

Micah came out to the ranch the next morning. The baby was fussing again and Mark and Micah were trying to keep her calm. I brought her a bottle, but she didn’t want any part in that! Mark said she wasn’t into guns either. Micah pushed my rifle away and stated, “Get a teething ring, son!” As if Micah knew anymore about babies then we did! Micah picked her up, stating they like to be packed around. He began carrying her around. “Why, if your mother knew about the treatment you were getting here, she’d snatch you back quicker then lightning!” Micah stated. “Might as well take board with a grizzly bear and a cub wolf!” I knew we were a bit rough around the edges, but I didn’t think we were that bad!

Mark told him to quit joshing. Micah laughed. Mark took the baby back.

I asked Micah if Bartell was going to leave town. Micah didn’t think so. “I think he wants to hurt Leona more then get the child back.”
“That’s how he could hurt her the most!” I stated worriedly.

Micah suggested we avoid tribulation by letting Leona get on that stage alone. I agreed. I could meet the stage at Grand Creek with the baby. That was a good idea. I wanted to talk to Leona and tell her my plan. I asked Mark if he could handle the baby alone. He said that “Changing diapers ain’t no more trouble then shoeing a horse.”

I told him to keep the baby inside.

Leona was just checking out of the hotel when I got there. She was about to go do her last show. Bartell was still sulking around. “Lucas, am I gonna be able to get on that stage with the baby?” she asked me.

I told her that I was going to meet the stage at a fork in the road outside town. But I was worried about when she got to California and Bartell found her there. She wanted to get separated from him legally. Then she could get the law after him if he bothered her. But it took money to do that, and she didn’t have any. I offered her some I had saved up, but she couldn’t take that kind of help. “You see, I have to make it on my own. If I don’t owe any debt to any man, than Wood can only speak lies.” She was right, and I knew that. I was worried, though, about what would happen down the road.

“Well, I think Mr. Bartell and I better have a little talk,” I suddenly stated. I couldn’t leave it like this.

“He’s not a very good listener,” she stated.

“Well, maybe it’s time he learned!” I said as I left to find him.

 Bartell rode up while Mark was coming outside. Fear crossed his face for only a second, but he pushed it back, knowing he was the only one there to protect the baby. Bartell immediately asked him if he was alone. Mark didn’t want to answer that and evaded the question. Bartell commented that we were pretty secluded way out here. Mark was nervous. He said he had to get back to work because we were smoking. Bartell looked toward the smokehouse, and then heard a baby crying.
Mark knew he heard it and was in trouble. Bartell asked Mark what we were smoking. Mark tried to stay calm, telling him we were smoking hams, bacon, and turkey. Bartell wanted to see the inside of the smokehouse. Mark was no dummy. He knew exactly what Bartell was doing. He took a firm hold on Mark’s head and began leading him toward the smokehouse. Mark stayed calm and strong, wishing he could find some way to help the baby. Bartell wanted to see those hooks. He was talking strong to Mark in a voice that was threatening to Mark. Mark was scared of what Bartell was going to do to him.

“When I was a boy, my daddy kept a lock on it to keep us out.” Mark turned to try to leave, but Bartell stopped him in the doorway of the open smokehouse. “My daddy didn’t truly think he had lived the week out unless he’d taken the plow trace to me by Saturday. He was right. Bitter lessons. But I learned. I’m thankful.”
Again, Mark heard the threats. He stated that it didn’t sound much like fun to him. “We wasn’t put in this world to have fun! Now you go on and lay down on the floor. There’s air next to the floor. While you’re there, say some prayers for your lazy, fun-loving nature!” Mark was scared knowing Bartell was going to lock him in there and take the baby. Again, Mark tried to escape, but Bartell put a hand on him. He told Mark what would happen to him if he didn’t obey. “I wasn’t much older then you when my daddy said to me, ‘Woodson, you better get next to your maker.’”The Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52

Bartell pushed Mark inside. “And I tired to crawl out, so he brought the leather down on my back.” He began slowly closing the door as he continued talking. “I began to see he stirs the devil out of me, son. I never forgot it. I never will.” Mark backed up into the smokehouse, frightened. “Now son, I could help you likewise, but I’ve got other business.”

Mark laid down on the floor as he locked him inside. Bartell ran to the house, got the baby, and rode off with her. As soon as he was gone Mark grabbed one of the hams and began busting his way out of the smokehouse.

No one in town had seen Bartell. When Nels informed me he had taken off over an hour ago, I suddenly thought of Mark and the baby being at home all alone. He was desperate enough to take that baby by force. And I knew Mark wouldn’t give her up without a fight. I raced off for home.
I met Bartell on the road with the baby. “How’d you get her?” I demanded to know. I hated seeing the baby in his arms! She didn’t belong there. “How’d you get her? I asked you a question!”

“Well, I got her back. That’s what’s important,” he answered.

Fear suddenly gripped my very being. “Where’s Mark?”

“Well, he’s unharmed. My hand was not laid upon him,” Bartell stated. I sighed in relief for that. But how much could I trust that he was telling me the truth?

I knew I couldn’t fight him with the baby. “You know, that child belongs to Leona. A mother’s got her rights. She’s a good mother and a fine woman!”

“This one belongs to me. Only me. I know. Leona cast wicked bread upon the water, and it’s coming home to roost.”

I told him that if he knew what heartache was, to return the child to her mother. I knew this would break a mother’s heart! Bartell wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

“Look after your child. I’ll look after mine.” He rode off toward town. I didn’t like the way he said that, and suddenly felt afraid that Mark was in danger so I raced off to check on him.

But Mark met me before I got very far. He was dirty and messy. I asked him if he was alright. “Yes, but he took Fancy!” Mark cried.

I told him I knew that. I also knew my boy was upset for allowing it to happen. But I’m sure Mark didn’t give up without a fight. We raced off to town.

Bartell rode straight to the saloon where Leona was singing. When she saw him standing there with her baby, she was suddenly afraid for her daughter. “Leona, don’t you never forget where you was or what you was doing the last time you saw your little daughter!” Bartell stated. She begged Bartell to give her the baby, but he turned from her and started to walk out.

Micah came up to him and stopped him. “By what right do you do this?” Micah asked. He knew he couldn’t legally do anything, so he could only use words.
“The right of a father to save his child from the corruption that saves us. You let me by,” he demanded to Micah.

But Micah wasn’t done. “You want to bring joy to the child or grief to its mother? It’s not righteousness you’re full of Bartell, but wounded pride! Is it vengeance you’re striving for, or the happiness of your daughter?”

He wouldn’t listen. But I walked in then, ready to fight him for this baby. I told him he wasn’t taking that baby away from her mother by force. “No man can stop me,” he stated as he walked out.

I was right behind him. "That remains to be seen," I said. I grabbed him by the arm. "Your a big man when it comes to pushin' around a woman and a young boy. How do you stack up against someone your own size?" I asked.

Still holding the baby, he took the whip from around his neck. “Keep your distance, or I’ll give you a good portion of the blacksnake across your back!”
That didn’t scare me! I was willing to go through a lot to save this innocent child. “I’m sick and tired of your hypocritical hogwash! You’re not fit to look at that baby!” I was in the position to fight, and I knew I probably would be struck a few times. But it was worth it if I could get that baby away from him.
He suddenly hit me in the face, knocking me to the ground. He handed Micah the baby, who immediately handed her back to her mother. The baby was where she needed to be. But now I had to make sure he learned a lesson.

“I came not with peace, but with a ten foot sword. I will now do for you brother!” He cracked the whip, removing the rifle from my hand.

Then he started whipping me. Crack! I screamed out in pain. Crack! Crack! Crack! Four times, that whip came down on me. Each time the pain grew worse.
“Get up, Pa! Get up!” Mark was crying to me. It was killing him to watch me being whipped like this. But I thought about the baby. I had to fight for her just like I’d fight for my own child!

The sixth time he cracked his whip at me, I grabbed it from him. Then I stood to my feet and gave him a hard shove. He busted threw a window. Then I grabbed him again and gave him a hard punch, sending him flying into the dirt. He sat on the ground. "Rath was beaten into me as a child and beatin' out of me as a man," he stated, knowing he had been beat.

I grabbed my rifle and walked over to Leona. He turned to her and I protectively reached out to her to protect her from him. But he was done fighting. “Take care of yourself, Leona.”

The Rifleman - The Baby Sitter - Episode 52With that, he walked away.

Then came the hardest part of all – saying goodbye. Leona and Fancy were ready to leave on the three o’clock stage. I had become quite attached to the little girl, and it was sure hard to say goodbye. Mark and I gave her one last kiss. Then I started to hand her to Leona, but as I lifted her, I felt the pain on my back. I groaned, then smiled. Leona smiled at me too, knowing that I had no regrets – the whipping was well worth the prize! I handed her the baby and they waved goodbye.

Mark and I stood there and watched them leave. “I wish we could have kept her,” Mark stated.

I smiled. “Me too.” Micah turned and gave me a questioning look. I laughed as I thought on what could’ve been a long time ago…
"Sure was a pretty baby. Don't think I've ever seen a prettier one," Mark stated.

I did think a lot of Fancy, but I had indeed seen a prettier baby that even the beauty of Fancy couldn’t add up to!

"I did. Some years ago back in the Nations. It was one evening after a hard day of rounding up strays. I rode back to the ranch house and there was this little newborn calf. Couldn't have been much bigger then that.” I showed Mark the length with my hands.  “Didn't weigh as much as a sack of baked beans. But there it was squallin' and mooin'. Sure was cute!" Oh the memories! They were so precious.

"What ever happened to the calf?" Mark asked.

I smiled at him.  "Couldn't seem to get rid of it. It kept following me around wherever I went. Finally I had to put some clothes on it and send it to school."
We smiled lovingly at each other as we walked down the street of North Fork as I held my hand on his back. Mark and I looked at each other. I certainly was happy I got to keep that baby! I wouldn’t have given that one back for anything in the world – even if it meant a thousand beatings!


*Sam Peckinpah was the creator of The Rifleman and he wrote The SharpshooterHome Ranch
 He wrote & directed The MarshalThe Boarding HouseThe Money GunThe Babysitter

piddlin' stuff.....John Dehner appeared in four episodes ― The Money Gun as Tom King a hired gun ―  The Blowout as Al Walker a gunslinger ― The Baby Sitter as Wood Bartell, a self-righteous, bigoted father. (He was Fancy's Father) ― The Prisoner as Major Aaron King, a ex-Confederate officer who seeks revenge on Lucas.

Phyllis Avery played Leona Pickford Bartell. She was Fancy's mother. 

Bill Quinn appeared in thirty-eight episodes as Sweeney the owner/bartender of The North Fork Saloon.  Sweeney was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Marshal.

Lillian Bronson appeared in two episodes ― The Baby Sitter as Elizabeth Favor, the hotel clerk The Legacy as Mrs. Margaret Adams, the woman who ran the boarding house and took care of Pop Simmons.

Henry Rowland played Nels in this episode. He has appeared in just about every Western there was, among a lot of other things. See my Blacksmith page on Nils or was it Niles or Nels? Was it Swenson or was it Svenson?

Fancy is played by Robert Anacher — Yes Fancy really was a boy!  This was taken from the ABC Television Network Photo Division - Press Information Sheet.

Whitey Hughes was a well known and respected stuntman, he appeared in twenty-seven episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.  Whitey had over a 50-year career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has been praised as one of the top stuntman in Hollywood.  Whitey was the best of the best!
Bert Stevens was in four episodes ― The Marshal as the doctorThe Baby Sitter as a Barfly ― None So Blind as one of the townsmen ― Panic as one of the townsmen that goes to Lucas' to help burn down the ranch.

Rod McGaughy has appeared in nine episodes ― The Dead-eye Kid as one of the cowboys looking for Mahoney ―
The Wrong Man as one of the townsmen at the carnival The Woman as Old Man Healey's Henchman The Money Gun as one of the townsmen ― A Matter of Faith as a cowboy in the crowd ― The Spiked Rifle as Henchman in the Bar The Lariat as Card Player The Baby Sitter as a Barfly Short Rope for a Tall Man as One of Crown's Henchmen/Mob Member.

Spec O'Donnell appeared twice in The Rifleman - Duel of Honor as a Barfly - The Baby Sitter as a Townsman.

Mike Morelli as a Townsman in The Baby Sitter.

George Bell as a card player.

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