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Baynes Barron

Baynes Barron appeared twice in The Rifleman ― The Deserter as Trooper Kirk, the solider who fell over in the street because of the heat and no water ― The Spiked Rifle as Gus/Gustavo, one of the men who was a member of Austin Stark's gang.

Dark-haired small part supporting actor, predominantly in television. Usually seen as sheriffs, bartenders, police detectives or assorted westerners.

He has appeared in many of our great TV Classics such as Planet of the Apes ― Bonanza ― Bewitched ― Gunsmoke ― The Untouchables just to name a few.

He also appeared with Chuck in Branded as the Sheriff in I Killed Jason McCord.

He is best known for his role in The Ten Commandments ― The Big Combo The Strangler Space Probe Taurus.

Baynes Barron was born May 29, 1917
He died July 21, 1982

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