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A Case of Identity episode #57 - 2 of 3 pages

In A Case of Identity one of the detective's name is Lon Perry  He was shot and killed at the end of this episode.
In The Martinet, Lon Perry was the son of Captain Perry who was shot and killed by Lucas a year ago (July) when he was trying to extort money. I didn't know there was a connection...Though, Lon Perry does seem a bit old to be the Captain's son...
Thanks Michelle Palmer!

In A Case of Identity there is a time blooper. Aaron Wingate was looking for his son, he tells Lucas his boy was 2 years old in 1871 when the river boat exploded and his son would now be 12 years old, the same age as Mark. If Mark was 2 years old in 1871, he would have been 12 when they moved to North Fork in 1881, not 10. According to the date on the plaque in front of the house, it was built in 1881. In Home Ranch, Mark says he is 10 years old, so he wasn't even born until 1871 so he couldn't have been a 2 year old kid on a river boat in 1871. Thanks Gloria!

A birthmark was noticed on Mark's right forearm. Any other episode before or after shows a birthmark? Thanks Bob!

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