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A Case of Identity episode #57 - 3 of 3 pages

Check out the scene when Lucas and Mark are discussing whose son Mark really is. In the shots of Mark’s face in close up, there’s a wall behind him and the bed. But when the shot switches to a close up of Lucas, the angle is right where the wall would be. If the wall had been behind Mark, in reality we couldn’t see him or Lucas from that angle! Thanks Ann Marie!

Where Lucas is standing at this point, he is to Mark’s left.

Mark isn’t looking at us (or into the camera), but in our general direction.
The camera is the “4th wall”. The head of Mark’s bed is against wall #3.
There is nothing wrong with this ^ shot.

Then the camera angle reverses 180 degrees!!!

Remember, the head of Mark’s bed is against wall #3. If Lucas would have reached out to touch Mark, he would have been reaching towards wall #4.
One long edge of Mark’s bed is against wall #4! You can’t do that!!! This is why no actor’s back should EVER be seen on camera!
Because you can’t do frontal close ups of that person without violating the 4th wall.

The camera (“4th wall”) is behind Mark. Lucas’ head is turned forward to face Mark. Not at an angle. To not violate the 4th wall, we need to see Mark in profile view.  

We’d see the left side of him. He would be looking towards wall #1.

The camera angle has reversed 180 degrees again. Wall #4 Violation!

I wonder if they thought, “Oh this is such a meaningful scene between Lucas and Mark, ending with Mark telling Lucas he loves him…no one will ever notice we are violating the 4th wall.” My drama teacher would have been outraged!

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