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A Friend in Need episode #123 - 1 of 3 pages

Did anyone notice part of the note fell when the Bad guy tore it down? Thanks Lu!

I was thinking how great it would be to have that note today for memorabilia. Imagine, a handwritten note to Mark from Pa, actually signed by Pa. (Heck, I'd even take the crumpled pieces) I was watching the nail thing too. It was definitely a nail at first. When Carl Avery left the second note he hung it further down on the page, amongst the lettering of the ransom demand. Interesting that when we saw the ransom note as Micah found it, there was no nail hole shown at all. If there was one, it would had to have been closer to the top of the paper than where Avery originally hung it. Thanks Laurie!

 It is Sunday!  We know this because Mark and Lucas always come into town on Saturday afternoon according to the note.  Also, Milly calls to Lucas "Don't forget church!"

The bank is open and operating on a SUNDAY!!!! John Masefield Hamilton would have been lynched first thing Monday morning for doing such a sinful thing! Not even the banks in my town are open on Sundays!!! Thanks Michelle!

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