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A Friend in Need episode #123 - 2 of 3 pages

In the General Store at the beginning of this episode, when Lucas sits down to talk to his "friend," Milly asks Mark to help her with the canned goods. Lucas (Chuck) as his elbow and Milly (Joan) tries to pick it up. Joan has to really work at picking up the box because Chuck has his elbow on it fairly solidly. You see an expression cross Joan's face for only a second as she tries to lift the box with Chuck's elbow on it. But Chuck doesn't miss a beat with the scene. He simply lifts his elbow and continues with his scene. Thanks Michelle!

 When Carl looks at the clock notice there is no pendulum moving. I have an old clock like that and you can see the pendulum in the door. Thanks Markisddg!

When Micah is getting ready to leave the saloon he spots a man by the window. As he looks toward the window, you can see Lucas and Mark just sitting there on their horses, I guess waiting for their part to come up. After Micah goes out the door, then you see then come riding up rapidly like they just rode into town!!!
(I tried to capture Lucas & Mark setting together in the same shot. But I couldn't.
When you watch the episode you are sure to see it.) Cowgirl!

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