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At the beginning, we see the exterior shot of the McCain Ranch. The door is closed. When Lucas walks out the porch, he doesn’t open the door. It’s already open.

When Lucas, Mark, and Jonas are eating dinner, Mark's bangs are perfectly combed in the wide shot but messy in the close up.


When Lucas brings Hode Evans’ body in, the rifle moves from our far left side of the buckboard bench to the right side in the closer shot.

Also notice in this shot on the left, Jeff’s horse in the far right just sniffed  the man’s hand for a treat. The horse does this continually as you watch the scene. Those horses must’ve been spoiled rotten!

A little bit after Lucas tells Mark, “Save your breath for cooling your soup,” he also says to Mark, “We have stores to buy.” "Stores" can also mean a stock of provisions or supplies. The word is a shortened form of the obsolete term "astor".

Thanks Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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