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A Time for Singing episode #64

When Mark shows Lucas his fish, they are hanging on a stringer to his saddle. When Mark gives them to the preacher's wife, he has them in a satchel-like bag. Thanks Gloria!

At the end of the episode, Spence is outside the church arguing with Dan and Laurie. He told them that Bro had died. Bro was in the barn with Mark and Walt had gone to the jail, so how did he know that Bro was dead, or even that anything was different in the barn - all they heard was a gunshot in the night... Thanks Michelle Palmer!

The picture on the left we see Hattie & the McCain's walking over to Reverend Gathers new home. Hattie leaves with her apron on & no shawl. The picture on the right we see Hattie with no apron and now she is wearing a shawl. Cowgirl!

When Lucas and Hattie were taking supplies to the preachers house, why didn’t they use the buckboard instead of two horses instead of walking and carrying more supplies. Thanks wildwest!

How did Mark know the names of the outlaws, Spence & Walt, he never heard of them before and was never introduced to them..... “The preacher’s in it too, he’s a fake!” Mark turned to Micah. “And there’s two men names Spence and Walt!”

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