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The Actress episode #94 - 2 of 2

You can see the shadow of a camera or a large light cast across the street as Lucas and Mrs. Black race out of town? It also looks like there were a number of people standing by. Thanks Charlene F.!

When Lucas and Beth Black ride back into town. Mark jumps on the back of Lucas's horse and tells him Mr. Black is still alive and over at the hotel. Beth mentions how she knew he was Lucas's son because "you look so much like him." She probably thought to herself...what a dumb thing to look nothing like Chuck Connors. Thanks markisddg!

Also how can a woman ride around the countryside in a fancy dress? She looked great when she arrived in North Fork. Did she inherit Black's property and become neighbors with Lucas. Thanks markisddg!

Lucas & Mrs. Black are at the camp site and Lucas is sitting having coffee. I guess it's supposed to be hot coffee, but he is holding a metal cup in both hands. Hands must have been cold.  Wouldn't those tin cups get hot, too hot to hold with both hands unless it has cool down.  Thanks Bob Booth!

When Lucas and Mark left the hotel after supper and Mark rode the horse ridden by Mrs. Black, where was Blue Boy? Didn't he have to ride him to get back and forth from the ranch? Or did they stop by the livery and pick him up on the way out of town? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

When they sat together by the fire, why did Elizabeth Black ask Lucas if he lived in town? In the saloon, Lucas first introduced himself as Jacobís neighbor. If she married Jacob, surely she knows Jacob owned land and didnít live in town. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas sipping coffee ó The scene with Lucas sipping the coffee by the campfire ó that is stock footage from The Actress. Thanks Ann Marie!

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