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And the Devil Makes Five episode #161 - 1 of 2 pages

The grave at the end of this episode (left) is suppose to be Scully Potter's grave. They must have used stock footage. You see a hat hanging on it. AND you see a gun and gun belt - - since the criminal was in chains and was under arrest, where did his gun/gun belt come from? Thanks Renewed Fan!

The grave on the right is Clemmie's grave. I know they did this back then..... But..... Why would they hang their gun & hat like that out in the open. Anyone could come along and take them? Shouldn't they really have taken Clemmie's stuff back & gave it to the Micah? Cowgirl!

Micah uses the word "bamboo". I doubt that word was in general use in New Mexico in the 1880's (I think it would have been called "cane"). Thanks Renewed Fan!

As to if the word 'bamboo' was in general use or not in that area and time-frame, I have no idea how such a determination might be made; however, the plant was used for many things in the good ol' USA, even back then: Thomas Edison used it in a light bulb that he patented in the year 1880. (That bulb still burns today, in the Smithsonian.) Thanks Rob!

Is it just me, or did it seem weird that with all the activity (stepping around Lucas especially) loud conversation, making breakfast etc. (which probably took more than an hour since the beginning of all the activity) that the rattlesnake didn't seem to even notice any of this and react until Mark went to wake Lucas up?  Seems VERY unlikely to me. Thanks Rhiannon!

*While filming this episode the scene where Lucas is still wrapped in the blankets and canít move because of the rattlesnake, the Connorsí boys were fooling around and accidently pulled a cable that put the entire set in darkness. From out of that darkness, they heard a very loud, angry voice yell, ďYou kids get off the set NOW!Ē Knowing that was their fatherís voice, they didnít wait for a second request but took off as fast as they could away from that set! Later on Chuck tried to find out which son had pulled the cable, but they didnít rat Steve out. 

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