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The Angry Gun episode #12 - 1 of 9 pages

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In the stagecoach Vic Morrow says Im Johnny Cotton. I did not see Lucas say his name in response. Cotton made a play for the rifle and Lucas stopped him. Cotton said what do you have against handguns Mr. McCain? Thanks wildwest!

I thought it was odd Lucas seemed surprised seeing Cottons handcuffs when the stage hit a bump. He had to have known he was cuffed to the Sheriff. Or this could have been they were trying to emphasize a point for the scene. Thanks wildwest!

We have another person here to watch after Mark. After the men rode away and things settled down Lucas put Mark on the stage and asked the Mason, the driver to take Mark to Mrs. Peterson's house, that she will look out after Mark until he comes to get him. We never see Mrs. Peterson again. Cowgirl!

This is not exactly a blooper, but it is more of a 'revealing mistake' made in The Angry Gun (and in The Ordeal and in several other episodes). Lucas is always well-shaven. Consider The Angry Gun - Lucas is on his own, with nothing but a canteen, in the desert for about 24 hours. He then gets a horse from one of the outlaws, and chases the survivor for another 24 hours or so. Still, he clearly does not need a shave at the end. Thanks Renewed Fan!

*Here's a note for you western historians. Fort Sumner is an actual place in New Mexico on the Pecos River, probably north of North Fork.

On July 14, 1881, Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid there. Interestingly, this would have been right around the time that this episode takes place. Billy the Kid is buried there and you can see his grave marker today.
 What do we learn about McCain and his resourcefulness?  McCain's resourcefulness comes when he takes the revolver he has and with a board and twig sets up wind age and elevation coordinates so as to make the gun shoot all the way up the mountain accurately. This displays Luke's knowledge of firearms, trajectory, physics, etc. And we thought he was just a sodbuster! Thanks Nancy & the Yahoo Group The Rifleman

Lucas "kills" Vic Morrow twice - the first time in The Angry Gun and the second time in The Letter of the Law!

When McCain is tracking Johnny Cotton & Abe Jordan he sees them from above on top of a cliff as outlaws are riding below. he pushed a few (10-15) rocks over the ledge and all of a sudden it turns into a major landslide much wider than where McCain was pushing. The rocks in the landslide are darker and much larger (and more numerous) than what McCain had pushed. In addition, it is not the same cliff when the larger rocks are shown. Anonymous!

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