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 There was an outside shot of the McCain home showing smoke coming out of the chimney. The next scene is Lucas talking with Dr. Burrage and there is no fire burning in the fireplace. I know this is stock footage as it's happened in several other episodes. It's fun spotting these things. Thanks Ruth!

 In the first scene, where Mark and Lucas are hunting and meet their new neighbors, Abel McDonald says something like "I am homesteading this government land. I have to build a house." A few scenes later, Abel McDonald and son are shown living in a house, with a barn and other structures, already on the property. So, where did they get them so quickly? Thanks Renewed Fan!

 I noticed the same thing. Abel meets Lucas and Mark and says 'this isn't government land anymore', having just gotten the homesteading papers. I doubt such land came with a house on it. They sure put it up quickly, no doubt. Thanks rooster Davis!

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