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In the wide shot while Lucas and Mark are talking before eating the beef stew, thereís a boom mike shadow visible. It moves left to right, from the right edge of the door frame to above the ovenís vent pipe. Then it moves right to left and left to right again. No brightness adjustment needed. Thanks Ann Marie!

In Lucas' close-ups during this scene--just the close-ups--there is steam rising from the pot! So either he really was cooking there at one point, or someone heated the pot up somewhere else...then just put it on the stove to lend credibility to the scene. (You have to watch this episode in order to see the steam) Thanks Ann Marie!

Another thing in this scene worth noting: Itís impossible to get a picture of this, but in the close ups of Lucas, you can see steam rising! So the stove was operating in the close ups but not the wide shot?! Looks that way! Thanks Ann Marie!

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