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The Anvil Chorus episode #154 - 3 of 3 pages

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♫ Did I actually hear Nils call Lucas Lucasboy??   
Thanks Renewed Fan!

♫  "The man behind that gun could take the head off a pop weed at 50 yards." 

Nils has taken almost all the gun holsters in Northfork. When Platt and his men take their guns there are almost none left. So did all the other people in Northfork come and take their guns during the time Mark and Nils were held hostage?
Thanks markisddg!

While Micah is out of town Nils is taking over North Fork as Deputy. Here you can see Nils trying on a holster, which doesn't fit. Suddenly shots ring out and as he rushes to hangs up the holster he drops it while heading out to see what is going on. Did he drop the holster on purpose or did Nils (Joe Higgins) just keep the scene going by ignoring the fact that he has dropped the holster? Cowgirl!

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